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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Blog,

Life is full of eagerness, happiness, loneliness, hopeless and merciless.I've got nothing to say why is my life is an average. I am a simple person and not even a royalty. I am glad i am not! If you ask me about my status, jobs and boyfriend. It is not a secret to hide. I am not rich but my life is full of bliss. I am student and unemployment. Despite, i want to find a job, i ended up a choosing type. Well, i try not to be because thats hard.And, i don't have a boyfriend. This is a great thing. i relief. Urmm just because one, i am not stress to think about him or who is he with and where is he going. Second, i am not worry to have many boys to talk with and share something and third i can idol a cute actors whenever i want because if i have a boyfriend, they freaking jealous, which i hates about it. What is wrong to like a cute actors. Huh? whatever. So, that is a meaning of life. There is no secret that nobody know. Just 'us' . So why you should keep a secret if you kill someone? Let's me scream. I KILL SOMEONE! Do you want to arrest me? Come on.. Just kick my ass to the prison. Hahaha kidding! Fool.. I just doing this for fun. What to kill a person if i remember the sin! (sigh) However, the more you hide that damn secret, the more suffer you get. Your life tremble and useless. Do you rather to tell the secret or do you rather people, first will found out your secret? Think about that :) I got a lots of secret. But then, i am not going to write it in my blog or else, wow! that secret might be not a secret anymore. Even though i told you not to keep a secret but this is not the right way to tell a secret. It is not smart at all. I concern about other people who might hurt and hates me or think that i am too open. And that is not me.

I give you a TIPS how to tell a secret. First of all, please just tell one person you trust the most. Remember just 1 person. Second, find a good place where it's quiet and away from distraction , and people. Then breath and tell that person slowly until it reach to climax. Make sure taht person have to understand the whole story ok! Not too simple and brief. All right.. That's all my easy tips. And yaa BREAK A LEG :) take my advise. It's worth, though because i did that.

Until see you again..

Good girl


♥just smile
8:00 PM