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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A secret in secret that you will never know when it going to tell you the mystery. Sometime it freak me out when i read a book about mystery or supernatural books.. Like me i recently read about 'Misteri Dunia: Rahsia si sebalik rahsia. My mom bought it at Miri on Monday. I know she's really a big fan with supernatural and eerie things. I do like it too.. hahaha :) We shared the same interest. All right that book wrote by a young journalist name Nasron Sira Rahim. He investigate all the supernatural fact that we not even thing before. I mean i cannot know this thing if he not write this book. It amazing. Even i am not finish read this book, yet i know this book are better than the other books. It product by Malaysia, itself. He is very talented. He collects 54 mysterious stories that cover people, places, creatures, history, phenomena and space. We will be found out about all the history about this book. I know it sound creepy but me after i read this book i can find the interest about it.
One of my favourite is about Mono Lisa. It drew by Leonardo Da Vinci. Everybody found out the curiousity on that picture. I felt it too. I wish i can see it live at where they put the original picture of her. I want to see Mona Lisa's smile :) I need to research this fact about Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci..This activity going to be fun! huahaha.. Love to research the history that happened during 17th century.

~Leonardo Da Vinci~

Other than this story, Nasron also put a story about Dracula, which i found out that Dracula is the merciless creature. He or it i dunno that Dracula freak me out. He actually unsucks the blood vice versa those creature slaughter it too bad! It's a phenomenon. Can you imagine in Romania where this creature killed like even thing it first. I am afraid of his rule. I mean yaa you guys should read it by yourself. You will more understand about it. Maybe you can search about Dracula. It happened like hell.. Wuuuuu. Then there is more about the stories that he collects.. It's worth to read the book. I recommend you to read this immediately. Now! hahaha

I guess that's all.

Good girl


♥just smile
9:40 PM