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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Ok.. before i'm doing my blog well indeed i have to visit Rob Pattinson blogspot. You know to check what his damn latest hot news on that dude! He is flawless.. Yaa i scream when i saw his new movie 'REMEMBER ME' Oh gosh! this is going to be exciting. I hope it will be playing at Brunei cinema. Huahahah..Now i watch the official trailer of Remember me.. Such a positive comments! He's better and better everyday. He's acting career is now excellent. He can prove to all who hates him that actually can do it! Good job my man! good American accent and So sexy! Heh'..mmm.. I'm not that lucky person who can get to know him well or say hello or meet him! IN YOUR DREAM! hahaha..oh ok.. never mind then..

This is the trailer and enjoy watching remember me trailer and yaa c u on 2010.. It's going to play in 2010.. So yaaa.. I guess this is totally different from his before movies. Hehe :D

Now is my update blog. Ok i just dunno what to say. For your information i have a curfew. I mean internet. I have to control it and my dad control me. I just have to surf like every 2 hours. Heh' such a freak. However, i still need to have a break. Just chill daddy! i am not that addicted to internet because i know when to stop unless if i sit an hours talking nonsense in MSN.. hahaha.. i am just fb-ing and blog. Then i watch youtube.. hear some music. So nothing weird to stop me or control it :) Then my family.. Yaii newborn baby recently add in our family. My brother's child so yaa.. It's a GIRL. Her name is Mariah Maisarah. Hehe that first name remind me to Mariah Carey. Hehe never mind. It's beautiful, though. Yupss..!

Then my whole life is full with movies.. I just watch The covenant a lot! I dunno.. It's an addict or maybe the actorS are cute and the plot is okay. I kinda fan a group of cute guys.. Hahaha.. The son of ipswisch! stop me. I know. Other than that i watch the 18th century movies with a lot of makeup on and the slang are perfect. I like it. I watch action, love, comedy... that morning i watch Meet Dick and Jane. Haha. Jim Carrey are hilarious! He's good! Like his sense of humour.. and more MOVIES! talk more about movies with me. Sure i can be your bestiee forever. Try me if you want yaaa.. :)

I guess this is it. I just forget the problems that i need to write in my blog. Shoot! never mind again.. i know.. so this is me signing off.. See you for the next new post and don't forget to say Hi to me.. :)



♥just smile
10:37 PM