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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Monday, December 7, 2009


Wow. It's quite long i'm not update my lovely and adourable blog! Girl are u miss me blog? hehe..
I miss you too..

Dear Blog,

Ok, today i am very happy because i watched NEW MOON with my two bestiees girl forever. Azar and Umi. Man, it's totally fun haha. We're just have some fun together and watch new moon. Shopping! Technically Azar with her boyfriend and Me and Umi just a single ladies today! It's so awesome. We're just going crazy. I bought new 5 dvds as well. It's not new. I mean most of the dvds are late movies like Pride and prejudice, Casanova, Chasing Liberty, The notebook and Torminated(this is Umi's choice. Well it's not bad, though!) hehe. Ok. Then yaa overall i treat my them all. It's so exciting to treat to someone that i really want to treat. It's satisfied me a lot! Thank you chicks girl love. Lol~

Ok let's talk about NEW MOON! heh' i mean ok first of all, there is about Bella's gradmother, she's dreaming like a maniac. I never want to scream in my dream. Try me! hahaha.. That's scared me.. Then Edward leave Bella which is make my life miserable without my love one beside me. It's pain! it's just the same as a knife that stab my heart away! Huh! Edward! Edward. Oh yaa the most favourite part is all about my JACOB BLACK. Do you know how psycho we can be i mean with Umi..when we see that Jacob is shirtless. Hahaha.. We are screaming. Hahaha.. Like ohmigosh! It's a droools.. Its tempt me alot! heheeh.. Then yaa all Bella and Edward kissing. Not interested! I like warewolves transformation between Poul and Jacob. It's scared me a lot again! hehee.. Warewolves are all sexy. I get my own pack of wolves that near me! :) Jacob Black. Hehehe.. And of course Volturi. Do you realise how cute those Volturi clan? I mean i find the interest. Hehe.. I like Jane. I wish i can be like Bella where all the people can't do anything in my mind. It's save me forever. And when i turn to a vampire i am the strongest one from the other. Wow. That is cool! hehehe...And over all don't be afraid to watch New moon just because you heard that they are bored!. For your information, It's not! In fact, urr i'm not even like it, seriously! hahaha. I mean ugg it's just the same. Nothing special except u see oh it's Jacob Black. He's nice and good friend. I always connect with bound of our heart. Cheh!

The end is ok i still stick with Jacob Black! I am Team Jacob Black :) Keep the pack and be a good friend always. I wish i can have this kind of friend. It's understanding and protective! :D


♥just smile
8:24 PM