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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am a big fan of surveys. I take surveys if i'm feeling bored and sad. So it's kinda addictive to me. I have my surveys in my Facebook and yaa blogger i guess i'm rare to put it in here. Instead writing about what i like and what i hate. The last time i was updating my surveys in my blog is last year post. I don't remember the month. So check it out. A random surveys about my confession. I never lie and i will tell this based on what my real life is still happened now or ago :D

Do you love you ex?:
I do love all my Ex because what to hates. Past is past and history is history. Nothing bad happened when to say Hi or bye. Unless if he hates you so don't ever talk to him. I got Ex but i act nothing and he too. So nothing to scare of to love your ex. Human being is just like that. Normal and unconditional.

What did you last cry over?:
I cry mostly when i failed a lot of my subjects and of course the important exam. Do you know how crush it is when we failed something that almost and maybe more important to us. It's for own future and i can't accept it. Well, we have to work hard if we want to achieve something that we want. Even the barrier are complicated but then Hell i'm not scared with anything :)

What's the last mistake you made?:
Last mistake i can't think about it now. Wow maybe a lot! Yeah..maybe someone that i know who close and close with me will know what it is :0 sucks!! i done a lots of stupid things!

Who was the last person you said I love you to?:
My parents! I love my parents like FOREVER! even though i'm not 'a real spoil daughter' here. But i like them most. The person i want to save from natural disaster is my parents..LOL! or any kinds of jeopardy disaster. I LOVE YOU MOM and DAD!!!

Do you honestly love your friends?:
Of course i love my FRIENDS! what not to like friends. That's stupid! I mean some of them maybe hates their own friends even if i honest to say yaa i hate some of my friends. Haha. However, a good and cry friend is hard to find but to share the joys and laughter is so easy. I want both of that personality that have in Friends. Over all my friends is awesome. I accept them as i accept myself :)

Who can always make you happy?:
Who maybe just one is it not? Ok.. Urmm nobody can make me happy. Semuanya bagi kan menampar. Banar tah! Once they make a joke then it make a sadness. Heh' So maybe 'it' is the question i would say 'MEOW' hahaha.. my cats :) why? they can't talk but they can understand our feeling. Even no response from them that's ok because i am understand :)

Who do you love to talk to the most?:
This is laugh out loud. It obvious to say is my 'MEOW' but if i want to talk about movies and future mostly is my FRIENDS :D It's comfortable to talk about that rather than talk to cats who doesn't understand what's going on in this world. Haha..

Who hates you?:
It depents on that person. So that person maybe know why they hates me. I cannot say who hates me. I just can say who am i hates. Probably i got the answer.. :) Ada faham?

What are you doing right now?:
Doing my surveys laa.. apaler this question and ya Msn-ing with my babyku... do not surprised baby is mean my close Guy friend..He is a good buddy! :D

What are you talents?:
My talents is crying a lot! I am sensitive like hell. I cannot see if people crying in front of me. Crazy but it's normal laa kan. So yupss.. singing just a hobby, dancing urrr.. it's crazy.. i am more style antam-antam punya dance and lastly drawing urr i dunno. I am bad with colour but still i love to draw :)

How often do you cry?:
I cry everyday!!!HAHA.. i am a crazy person. I like to cry. It's a relieve to me :) So please cry lah sepuasnya ok :)

Would you ever go back out with an ex?:
Yess!! hahaha :) i want but i know he doesn't want. So just leave it out. Like i care. I believe with 'jodoh' so what not to worry right? Hehehe :)

What's the last movie you watched?:
Oh my Movies are much more complicated to say because i'm addicted with movies. Haha.. Well maybe True Blood? Urr... i'm not remember bah!

Sang Kareokee?:
Yaaaai with Emel and friends. Addition with myself. Actually kareokee is boring :)

Most missed Memory?:
My school memories! Always remember the memories because this memories is the best memories ever that happened to me :)

So that's the end. It depend to all my readers who enjoys reading my surveys:) i love it and i know u always love me. So that's all.. Phew, i'm damn tired. My eyes!!! need a rest ^^

Good girl,



♥just smile
7:17 PM

Monday, January 25, 2010

- Every teenage girls dying to have this immortal vampire name EDWARD CULLEN to be their Bella Swan. Unfortunately i am not even think about it in the first place. Even though sometimes i am. Hehe :) What i am trying to say is i am not obsessed with that bloodsucking. Literally because i am TEAM JACOB BLACK. I adores warewolves and he is not a warewolves actually. He is just a shape-shifter. He change when the vampire are still around which is the Cullen family. Jacob also a very good friend to Bella. He is really taking care with her and always besides her when she needed Jacob. Of course her is Bella Swan. So i guess i want to be Bella Swan so that i can near with my own Jacob sexy warewolves. I think about the Alpha wolves named Sam. He done something bad to Emily( his fiancee) when he change to wolves..Well if u read the books u know it :)

(Bella and Edward in VOLTURI)

(LOL! he is cute. Gah! I mean JB not Taylor Lautner :P)

-I love Robert Pattinson. They you are, i'm saying it OUT LOUD!I'm not shame to hide this normal thing to all my readers. This is the true fact. I like him so much. I love him FOREVER! I am starting fan of him when i saw him in Harry Potter(as usual as ever). He become famous when he became Cedric Diggory because he died in the end. Pity! That's make him more fame. Not until he is in Twilight. That totally insane. His life change when he manage to beat 3000 other people who audition this Edward Cullen's characters. Oh man! don't u see and awake how chaos this could be? Life, love, lust! :) I hate when it comes a loads of girls screaming just because of Robert Pattinson. Well, including me. I guess. Hehe :D


- Actually i lie. I am not just in love with Robert Pattinson. I fell in love with other actors as well. I am too obsessed when it comes attractive actors. And it cause too much problems. Heh' My friends already know who i am already. A girl who addict to a cute face to a cute actors. Lol! When i watch any movies with a cute actors in it, i am starting to enjoy and fell in love with the actors. Isn't it crazy? That's shows me i am not GAY! haha.. Overall i just took this as a game to make myself up and cheers :D :P :D

- The last confession of true fact about HIM is my FUTURE MAN. I don't have a boyfriend, yet! I got a several ex- boyfriends which i am totally brainwashed of myself and them. Lol! So i am not awaiting him(which i don't know who) to comes at me. I am waiting the right times. I hope he is a good person with a good personality. I want my family loves him more than me and both of our family bless our relationship. At least maybe we've same interest and i want him to be my soulmate! FOREVER!.. my ROMEO :D

(Who is my ROMEO?)

That's it :)
Good Girl


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♥just smile
10:02 PM

Finally i'm back!
i know our wireless some kinds of troubles ago and now it's works :D happy!
I change my super un-cool templates
My blog is BORING.
Nobody want to say HI!
Like i CARE.
I am not even creative with blog. Whatsoever.
However, i'm Happy to be back.
Forever ^^

Thank you :)


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♥just smile
12:18 PM

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I recently watch this video when i truly and in love with one of the actor from Philippines. His name is PIOLO PASCUAL. He is 33 and still hot like hell. Seriously i doesn't know he is a singer. And he is a really good singer ever. I melt with no reason. Maybe because his attractive face and body! i like the way his speak. And he is really calm. The mood in his face mostly calm and cosy. I like to stare at him like forever! Aaaaah.. scream!!! Aku gila sama ia. That is usual. I am usually in love with a good looking guys especially an actor! You know i am! :P When i looked into your eyes i know you are the one! Laugh out loud. Oh ya i watch his two drama called 'Sa Piling Mo' and 'Lobo'. Both of this drama is my favourite. Love it. First i saw him in Sa piling mo then i felt he is the one :P Man, if you read this please i am your first fan in Brunei you know..:D

Let see if i can write in Philippines..

Piolo Pascual mangyaring magpadala ako ng isang bulaklak dahil sa isang bagay ay magdala ng bulaklak sa akin ang kaligayahan at katahimikan.
It mean:
Piolo Pascual please send me a flower because one thing is flower bring me a happiness and calmness.
(is it true?)

That is him! Oh my catch your breath slowly.. If you can't find his attractiveness well i guess you're blind. It's true you're blind! :D kidding. Btw, i love him and i never doubt i can meet him if i want. Lol! In your dream girl! Apalah.^^

And this is one of my favourite video of him. He is sing in here. His a good singer. And he got a nice voice :)



♥just smile
8:11 PM

Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh my oh my! Ok i'm sighing now. It's a bad, real bad. I don't know what to say this. I guess the answer is NO. I don't know it's a little bit tricky than usual English exam paper that i took before. You know i have to face with a historic topic. Haiyaa..the passage is ridicule and out of my ability. It need a deep thought and i felt nothing. I am not really good with it. What i am remember about the topic is history discovered. I mean what is that. The question is a bit tricky on composition at section B. It need to write in article. Yes i know to do that but i don't understand what the question really want actually. Lame! What's again? Urmm over all in section C i picked story as what my teacher really want me to do it. The story is just usual and nothing but it not make any sense! the ending is not make any sense at all. I was run in time dammit! My head start spinning. I just careful with the grammar but the story is what... no story or no ending... For 3 hours is still not enough for me. Heh' Oh ya about the people, i talked with one girl which i don't know her name..She's one of MD student who took 6th time english exam already. Ok.. it's same as me. I took the 4th time and i think i want to take another one. I prefer to take Cambridge exam lah. Awuu inda ku give up.. haha.. :D Seriously i need this exam. I want it! You know i try my best already with this exam and i just wait and pray to have good grades :)

I need to have a rest from my EXAM!

Have a break with this. So relieve!

(Addition with this favourable and adourable illustation image that i got from photobucket.)



♥just smile
2:27 PM

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do not believe anything i write about the tittle. Haha. Phew, at last my blog skins is done! Do you know how headache i am when it comes to change and add the codes. It's need time and patient the most important is. At last i can make it, though. I finish doing this like 4 hours non-stop. So i guess i need to rest my eyes and brain as well. Tomorrow i got exam. Break a leg! and thank you for all of you who reads my post. If my blog are comes across your mind please says something at my Cbox. So that i know how cool my blog is. Haha. My uncool blog.There are just certain of people knew this blog are exist. Isn't it? :) Ok lah i need to stop before someone yell at me. Hahaha :) It might be my dad, indeed! I'll be more creative if he gives me more time and considerate a little bit. Ya, daddy?

And tonight i will be more relax before the most important dates is come which is tomorrow morning. I'll be at Mabohai Middle School. See you again tomorrow night<-which is maybe not, or yes! :D



♥just smile
3:32 PM

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Remus Lupin Pictures, Images and Photos
A hot teenage British guy! I am melt! Ohhh~ I saw him first from 'Stormbreaker' Actually my friend, Umi suggest me to watch that movie at Starmovie. It's an action movie with this cute actor. I was starting to like him you know! So CUTE! Thanks at Umi, once again. Then his second movie 'Tormented' Again Umi told me about this and also who the actor is. For this movie well it's totally for adult. So much unrated. And i dislike him in that movie. He's wild and active! Then i watch 'Wild child' No doubt he's a good kisser. Why is the damn actors from British are likely to have this best kisser ever? can u remember how Robert Pattinson kissing Bella? and Stephen Moyer kiss Sookie Stackhause? Heh' and the other British as well :P
Date of Birth
10 April 1990, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, UK

Birth Name
Alexander Richard Pettyfer


5' 11" (1.80 m)


♥He finished school in July 2006, at the age of sixteen.

♥Played Willy Wonka in a school production of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory when he was younger.

♥The son of actor Richard Pettyfer and former model Lee Ireland (now a TV presenter).

♥During term time over his secondary school years, Alex was a boarder at Shiplake College, a prestigious boarding school located in Henley-on-Thames. Over the holidays, he lived with his family in the centre of Windsor, Berkshire. His mother Lee Ireland (nee Robinson), a former American television presenter, and property developer stepfather Michael Ireland have lived in the town for the past six years.

♥Anthony Horowitz, the author of Stormbreaker (2006), practically handpicked Alex for the role of Alex Rider in the film version of the book after seeing his impressive performance in Tom Brown's Schooldays (2005) (TV).

♥Has a younger half-brother, James Ireland (b. 1993), who is a talented tennis player.

♥He attended Shiplake College, a prestigious boarding school located in Henley-on-Thames.

♥At the age of fifteen, he was chosen out of five hundred other boys to play the part of Alex Rider in the film version of Anthony Horowitz's Stormbreaker (2006), a British teen novel revolving around a fourteen-year-old hired by MI6 to be a spy.

♥Briefly attended Millfield School, one of the largest and most prestigious private school in England

♥Has had renal (kidney) problems since early childhood.

♥Was offered the title role of Eragon in Eragon (2006) based on the best-selling novel "Eragon" by Christopher Paolini prior to the casting of Ed Speleers. He turned down the part because of his fear of flying.

♥Was a fashion model for Ralph Lauren and the GAP.

♥His mother Lee Ireland attended the same boarding school as Channing Tatum's mother Gennifer. The two woman both now in their 50s have been best friends since the age of 13.

♥His family is very close friends with Channing Tatum's family, so close that the two families spend almost every major holiday together.

♥Has five known tattoos: a Celtic cross on his chest, Arabic script on the inside of his right arm, the words, "What Goes Around Comes Around" on his right shoulder, the initials "ER" inside interlinking hearts on his right wrist, and Kanji script on his lower waist.

(Everthing is based from IMDB.COM :)) I Like all his trivia haha :D

wild child Pictures, Images and Photos
I am recently watching 'Wild child' and this movie is the best. I love it especially when Emma Roberts in it. She is so fabulous. I like the way she act. Of course the only one hot British guy name Alex Petterfer. Oh god..why is he so good looking, 6 packs and nice smile, cute eyes and everything. I can't take my eyes of you. Haha.. So charming and romantic moron! Stop this. I know i will not going to sleep after this just to think about a guy name Alex Pettyfer. Gah! Well what i know and understand about this movie. For once, a girl name Poppy Moore is a very wild and perfectionist. She always getting into trouble to her dad. Spoil little teen-a-ger who have to remind her how trouble she could be. Until, his dad send her to England like a boarding, boring high school which you have to wear a uniform, stick to a rule and burden like a prison. No way! However, even she a wild girl but then she manage to fit in that school like eventually! So much drama in this movie. With or without friends, enemy and boy! haha :D So i suggest you to watch this movie :)

Other than this movie i watch 'Antorment' by Keira Knightley and James Mcavoy. Sorry for the spellimg mistake of the movie. Correct me please :) This movie well, i am not even understand what it is. Haha.. Damn! Later i will explain what the hacks is this movie about.
I also watch True Blood season 2.. I fan True Blood series. I love it. Team Eric. I just dislike the unrated stuff in it. It make me uncomfortable and headache! Haha :) Ermm this movie is ok and it will be ok. I want to watch Vampire diaries. I just want to watch how is it that vampire version look like ;D i guess Ian Somerholder bet the most merciless vampire ever. Haha..^^

Alvin &amp; th chipmunk 2 Pictures, Images and Photosmy bf =] Pictures, Images and Photos
Lastly, is Alvin and the chipmunks( The squeakquel). I watch this at the cinema with my sister and her family. Haha.. This is most funniest chipmunk movie ever. I love it. I can't stop laughing and it's so much fun. The most cutest chipmunk i bet is 'THEODORE' with that cutie cutie voice. Cute!!!!! Big butt, pampered and he always make me cry! Love Theodore always :) Thank you for my sister cuz ia lanja all of this. Haha. I have much fun, though. Especially with the kids, Aiman and Afrina. So active that make me laugh :D Next time if ada rezeki lanja lagi ah ah hehehe :)

So that's all. I love my Blog. I Love to update! Oh ya tomorrow is a big day for all the students. Yeah tomorrow open school except me who already finish school but not finish studying and taking a lot of exam! ^^' So break-a-leg!

Good Girl,


♥just smile
8:33 PM

Friday, January 1, 2010

This is awesome. I mean it is already 2010. What a day, month and year we been through all our tough day. Including me which is i don't know. I just still the same person and looking old all the time. It's not a memory that i should remember. No special days. Just normal. Nothing big enough to share. I hope with a new resolution that i make last year it'll be come true this year. It go on and on without stop. The wishes lah 'jangan kan hangat-hangat tahi ayam' Heh' There's so much to think. Now my age is turning to 20s. And i got a lot of responsibility to think about my ownself. That is going to be so much burden and i think i am going to avoid it. Oh ya this week i have my english Edexcel London Exam. It's never gonna stop until i got the C things. I hope i manage to do this paper with my help and effort! Jangan kan malas-malas ani. Adangtah! I know i am lazy girl and i awake that. It's true. Hehe :)

Oh ya i just want to share the day on 30th december 2009. Siuk tu hari atu. It's the best moment in my life. Nah i spot one. Haha.. now i remember with another best memory. I was hanging out with my Bestieee Umi and Azar . We watch New Moon. Adakah. Such a crazy moments. Love it. Bah lenx nanti liat Eclipse lagi ahh ok ok.. Insya Allah i treat you guys( mun inda kapih jua ah :P) Ok back to my 30th december. Awuuu i was going to Miri, Sarawak with Cihm family and ride the bus. Those family are amazing. I like to be part with that family. Funny and generous. I hope there's upcoming events like this ah ah.. hehe :) i was going to Parkson with them and went with my parents and sister. You know what, i went to Populor's bookstore and i bought 'Twilight companion' i am not read this book yet. But i know it is a very good book, with a witness from you i am obsessed with 'VAMPIRE' stuff. So no harm, no foul! and don't be scared. It's just damn hobby to love them even though i am not Team Edward Cullen :) alert! Thank you for the trio to Miri ok. I love the trip and i love the family ♥

This morning i was going to MIRI again but with my sister and her family. Kami mendangani saja. Hehe.. Tapi i got my own painting book guide. I got it from Populor's bookstore again! haha.. i was giving some money from my mama ku yang tersayang. Yes! again i got the book! Over all everything is so exhausted. Ialah ramai orang-orang Brunei holiday at Miri. So cheap and good quality. Everything i want i got it. :) It's different when you go shopping in your own country. Believe me! :)

And lastly i just i want to show my last resolution when it come 5 and i add it 5 more :)
1. Success
2. Confident
3. Happiness
4. Brave
5. Opportunity
6. Freedom
7. Trust
8. Accomplished
9. Strong
10. Partner
(hehe. The only listing that i should put it in the last position :)

So until to meet you again
Good girl



♥just smile
10:13 PM