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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

- Every teenage girls dying to have this immortal vampire name EDWARD CULLEN to be their Bella Swan. Unfortunately i am not even think about it in the first place. Even though sometimes i am. Hehe :) What i am trying to say is i am not obsessed with that bloodsucking. Literally because i am TEAM JACOB BLACK. I adores warewolves and he is not a warewolves actually. He is just a shape-shifter. He change when the vampire are still around which is the Cullen family. Jacob also a very good friend to Bella. He is really taking care with her and always besides her when she needed Jacob. Of course her is Bella Swan. So i guess i want to be Bella Swan so that i can near with my own Jacob sexy warewolves. I think about the Alpha wolves named Sam. He done something bad to Emily( his fiancee) when he change to wolves..Well if u read the books u know it :)

(Bella and Edward in VOLTURI)

(LOL! he is cute. Gah! I mean JB not Taylor Lautner :P)

-I love Robert Pattinson. They you are, i'm saying it OUT LOUD!I'm not shame to hide this normal thing to all my readers. This is the true fact. I like him so much. I love him FOREVER! I am starting fan of him when i saw him in Harry Potter(as usual as ever). He become famous when he became Cedric Diggory because he died in the end. Pity! That's make him more fame. Not until he is in Twilight. That totally insane. His life change when he manage to beat 3000 other people who audition this Edward Cullen's characters. Oh man! don't u see and awake how chaos this could be? Life, love, lust! :) I hate when it comes a loads of girls screaming just because of Robert Pattinson. Well, including me. I guess. Hehe :D


- Actually i lie. I am not just in love with Robert Pattinson. I fell in love with other actors as well. I am too obsessed when it comes attractive actors. And it cause too much problems. Heh' My friends already know who i am already. A girl who addict to a cute face to a cute actors. Lol! When i watch any movies with a cute actors in it, i am starting to enjoy and fell in love with the actors. Isn't it crazy? That's shows me i am not GAY! haha.. Overall i just took this as a game to make myself up and cheers :D :P :D

- The last confession of true fact about HIM is my FUTURE MAN. I don't have a boyfriend, yet! I got a several ex- boyfriends which i am totally brainwashed of myself and them. Lol! So i am not awaiting him(which i don't know who) to comes at me. I am waiting the right times. I hope he is a good person with a good personality. I want my family loves him more than me and both of our family bless our relationship. At least maybe we've same interest and i want him to be my soulmate! FOREVER!.. my ROMEO :D

(Who is my ROMEO?)

That's it :)
Good Girl


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