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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am a big fan of surveys. I take surveys if i'm feeling bored and sad. So it's kinda addictive to me. I have my surveys in my Facebook and yaa blogger i guess i'm rare to put it in here. Instead writing about what i like and what i hate. The last time i was updating my surveys in my blog is last year post. I don't remember the month. So check it out. A random surveys about my confession. I never lie and i will tell this based on what my real life is still happened now or ago :D

Do you love you ex?:
I do love all my Ex because what to hates. Past is past and history is history. Nothing bad happened when to say Hi or bye. Unless if he hates you so don't ever talk to him. I got Ex but i act nothing and he too. So nothing to scare of to love your ex. Human being is just like that. Normal and unconditional.

What did you last cry over?:
I cry mostly when i failed a lot of my subjects and of course the important exam. Do you know how crush it is when we failed something that almost and maybe more important to us. It's for own future and i can't accept it. Well, we have to work hard if we want to achieve something that we want. Even the barrier are complicated but then Hell i'm not scared with anything :)

What's the last mistake you made?:
Last mistake i can't think about it now. Wow maybe a lot! Yeah..maybe someone that i know who close and close with me will know what it is :0 sucks!! i done a lots of stupid things!

Who was the last person you said I love you to?:
My parents! I love my parents like FOREVER! even though i'm not 'a real spoil daughter' here. But i like them most. The person i want to save from natural disaster is my parents..LOL! or any kinds of jeopardy disaster. I LOVE YOU MOM and DAD!!!

Do you honestly love your friends?:
Of course i love my FRIENDS! what not to like friends. That's stupid! I mean some of them maybe hates their own friends even if i honest to say yaa i hate some of my friends. Haha. However, a good and cry friend is hard to find but to share the joys and laughter is so easy. I want both of that personality that have in Friends. Over all my friends is awesome. I accept them as i accept myself :)

Who can always make you happy?:
Who maybe just one is it not? Ok.. Urmm nobody can make me happy. Semuanya bagi kan menampar. Banar tah! Once they make a joke then it make a sadness. Heh' So maybe 'it' is the question i would say 'MEOW' hahaha.. my cats :) why? they can't talk but they can understand our feeling. Even no response from them that's ok because i am understand :)

Who do you love to talk to the most?:
This is laugh out loud. It obvious to say is my 'MEOW' but if i want to talk about movies and future mostly is my FRIENDS :D It's comfortable to talk about that rather than talk to cats who doesn't understand what's going on in this world. Haha..

Who hates you?:
It depents on that person. So that person maybe know why they hates me. I cannot say who hates me. I just can say who am i hates. Probably i got the answer.. :) Ada faham?

What are you doing right now?:
Doing my surveys laa.. apaler this question and ya Msn-ing with my babyku... do not surprised baby is mean my close Guy friend..He is a good buddy! :D

What are you talents?:
My talents is crying a lot! I am sensitive like hell. I cannot see if people crying in front of me. Crazy but it's normal laa kan. So yupss.. singing just a hobby, dancing urrr.. it's crazy.. i am more style antam-antam punya dance and lastly drawing urr i dunno. I am bad with colour but still i love to draw :)

How often do you cry?:
I cry everyday!!!HAHA.. i am a crazy person. I like to cry. It's a relieve to me :) So please cry lah sepuasnya ok :)

Would you ever go back out with an ex?:
Yess!! hahaha :) i want but i know he doesn't want. So just leave it out. Like i care. I believe with 'jodoh' so what not to worry right? Hehehe :)

What's the last movie you watched?:
Oh my Movies are much more complicated to say because i'm addicted with movies. Haha.. Well maybe True Blood? Urr... i'm not remember bah!

Sang Kareokee?:
Yaaaai with Emel and friends. Addition with myself. Actually kareokee is boring :)

Most missed Memory?:
My school memories! Always remember the memories because this memories is the best memories ever that happened to me :)

So that's the end. It depend to all my readers who enjoys reading my surveys:) i love it and i know u always love me. So that's all.. Phew, i'm damn tired. My eyes!!! need a rest ^^

Good girl,



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7:17 PM