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Saturday, January 9, 2010

I recently watch this video when i truly and in love with one of the actor from Philippines. His name is PIOLO PASCUAL. He is 33 and still hot like hell. Seriously i doesn't know he is a singer. And he is a really good singer ever. I melt with no reason. Maybe because his attractive face and body! i like the way his speak. And he is really calm. The mood in his face mostly calm and cosy. I like to stare at him like forever! Aaaaah.. scream!!! Aku gila sama ia. That is usual. I am usually in love with a good looking guys especially an actor! You know i am! :P When i looked into your eyes i know you are the one! Laugh out loud. Oh ya i watch his two drama called 'Sa Piling Mo' and 'Lobo'. Both of this drama is my favourite. Love it. First i saw him in Sa piling mo then i felt he is the one :P Man, if you read this please i am your first fan in Brunei you know..:D

Let see if i can write in Philippines..

Piolo Pascual mangyaring magpadala ako ng isang bulaklak dahil sa isang bagay ay magdala ng bulaklak sa akin ang kaligayahan at katahimikan.
It mean:
Piolo Pascual please send me a flower because one thing is flower bring me a happiness and calmness.
(is it true?)

That is him! Oh my catch your breath slowly.. If you can't find his attractiveness well i guess you're blind. It's true you're blind! :D kidding. Btw, i love him and i never doubt i can meet him if i want. Lol! In your dream girl! Apalah.^^

And this is one of my favourite video of him. He is sing in here. His a good singer. And he got a nice voice :)



♥just smile
8:11 PM