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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Remus Lupin Pictures, Images and Photos
A hot teenage British guy! I am melt! Ohhh~ I saw him first from 'Stormbreaker' Actually my friend, Umi suggest me to watch that movie at Starmovie. It's an action movie with this cute actor. I was starting to like him you know! So CUTE! Thanks at Umi, once again. Then his second movie 'Tormented' Again Umi told me about this and also who the actor is. For this movie well it's totally for adult. So much unrated. And i dislike him in that movie. He's wild and active! Then i watch 'Wild child' No doubt he's a good kisser. Why is the damn actors from British are likely to have this best kisser ever? can u remember how Robert Pattinson kissing Bella? and Stephen Moyer kiss Sookie Stackhause? Heh' and the other British as well :P
Date of Birth
10 April 1990, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, UK

Birth Name
Alexander Richard Pettyfer


5' 11" (1.80 m)


♥He finished school in July 2006, at the age of sixteen.

♥Played Willy Wonka in a school production of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory when he was younger.

♥The son of actor Richard Pettyfer and former model Lee Ireland (now a TV presenter).

♥During term time over his secondary school years, Alex was a boarder at Shiplake College, a prestigious boarding school located in Henley-on-Thames. Over the holidays, he lived with his family in the centre of Windsor, Berkshire. His mother Lee Ireland (nee Robinson), a former American television presenter, and property developer stepfather Michael Ireland have lived in the town for the past six years.

♥Anthony Horowitz, the author of Stormbreaker (2006), practically handpicked Alex for the role of Alex Rider in the film version of the book after seeing his impressive performance in Tom Brown's Schooldays (2005) (TV).

♥Has a younger half-brother, James Ireland (b. 1993), who is a talented tennis player.

♥He attended Shiplake College, a prestigious boarding school located in Henley-on-Thames.

♥At the age of fifteen, he was chosen out of five hundred other boys to play the part of Alex Rider in the film version of Anthony Horowitz's Stormbreaker (2006), a British teen novel revolving around a fourteen-year-old hired by MI6 to be a spy.

♥Briefly attended Millfield School, one of the largest and most prestigious private school in England

♥Has had renal (kidney) problems since early childhood.

♥Was offered the title role of Eragon in Eragon (2006) based on the best-selling novel "Eragon" by Christopher Paolini prior to the casting of Ed Speleers. He turned down the part because of his fear of flying.

♥Was a fashion model for Ralph Lauren and the GAP.

♥His mother Lee Ireland attended the same boarding school as Channing Tatum's mother Gennifer. The two woman both now in their 50s have been best friends since the age of 13.

♥His family is very close friends with Channing Tatum's family, so close that the two families spend almost every major holiday together.

♥Has five known tattoos: a Celtic cross on his chest, Arabic script on the inside of his right arm, the words, "What Goes Around Comes Around" on his right shoulder, the initials "ER" inside interlinking hearts on his right wrist, and Kanji script on his lower waist.

(Everthing is based from IMDB.COM :)) I Like all his trivia haha :D

wild child Pictures, Images and Photos
I am recently watching 'Wild child' and this movie is the best. I love it especially when Emma Roberts in it. She is so fabulous. I like the way she act. Of course the only one hot British guy name Alex Petterfer. Oh god..why is he so good looking, 6 packs and nice smile, cute eyes and everything. I can't take my eyes of you. Haha.. So charming and romantic moron! Stop this. I know i will not going to sleep after this just to think about a guy name Alex Pettyfer. Gah! Well what i know and understand about this movie. For once, a girl name Poppy Moore is a very wild and perfectionist. She always getting into trouble to her dad. Spoil little teen-a-ger who have to remind her how trouble she could be. Until, his dad send her to England like a boarding, boring high school which you have to wear a uniform, stick to a rule and burden like a prison. No way! However, even she a wild girl but then she manage to fit in that school like eventually! So much drama in this movie. With or without friends, enemy and boy! haha :D So i suggest you to watch this movie :)

Other than this movie i watch 'Antorment' by Keira Knightley and James Mcavoy. Sorry for the spellimg mistake of the movie. Correct me please :) This movie well, i am not even understand what it is. Haha.. Damn! Later i will explain what the hacks is this movie about.
I also watch True Blood season 2.. I fan True Blood series. I love it. Team Eric. I just dislike the unrated stuff in it. It make me uncomfortable and headache! Haha :) Ermm this movie is ok and it will be ok. I want to watch Vampire diaries. I just want to watch how is it that vampire version look like ;D i guess Ian Somerholder bet the most merciless vampire ever. Haha..^^

Alvin &amp; th chipmunk 2 Pictures, Images and Photosmy bf =] Pictures, Images and Photos
Lastly, is Alvin and the chipmunks( The squeakquel). I watch this at the cinema with my sister and her family. Haha.. This is most funniest chipmunk movie ever. I love it. I can't stop laughing and it's so much fun. The most cutest chipmunk i bet is 'THEODORE' with that cutie cutie voice. Cute!!!!! Big butt, pampered and he always make me cry! Love Theodore always :) Thank you for my sister cuz ia lanja all of this. Haha. I have much fun, though. Especially with the kids, Aiman and Afrina. So active that make me laugh :D Next time if ada rezeki lanja lagi ah ah hehehe :)

So that's all. I love my Blog. I Love to update! Oh ya tomorrow is a big day for all the students. Yeah tomorrow open school except me who already finish school but not finish studying and taking a lot of exam! ^^' So break-a-leg!

Good Girl,


♥just smile
8:33 PM