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Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh my oh my! Ok i'm sighing now. It's a bad, real bad. I don't know what to say this. I guess the answer is NO. I don't know it's a little bit tricky than usual English exam paper that i took before. You know i have to face with a historic topic. Haiyaa..the passage is ridicule and out of my ability. It need a deep thought and i felt nothing. I am not really good with it. What i am remember about the topic is history discovered. I mean what is that. The question is a bit tricky on composition at section B. It need to write in article. Yes i know to do that but i don't understand what the question really want actually. Lame! What's again? Urmm over all in section C i picked story as what my teacher really want me to do it. The story is just usual and nothing but it not make any sense! the ending is not make any sense at all. I was run in time dammit! My head start spinning. I just careful with the grammar but the story is what... no story or no ending... For 3 hours is still not enough for me. Heh' Oh ya about the people, i talked with one girl which i don't know her name..She's one of MD student who took 6th time english exam already. Ok.. it's same as me. I took the 4th time and i think i want to take another one. I prefer to take Cambridge exam lah. Awuu inda ku give up.. haha.. :D Seriously i need this exam. I want it! You know i try my best already with this exam and i just wait and pray to have good grades :)

I need to have a rest from my EXAM!

Have a break with this. So relieve!

(Addition with this favourable and adourable illustation image that i got from photobucket.)



♥just smile
2:27 PM