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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

This is awesome. I mean it is already 2010. What a day, month and year we been through all our tough day. Including me which is i don't know. I just still the same person and looking old all the time. It's not a memory that i should remember. No special days. Just normal. Nothing big enough to share. I hope with a new resolution that i make last year it'll be come true this year. It go on and on without stop. The wishes lah 'jangan kan hangat-hangat tahi ayam' Heh' There's so much to think. Now my age is turning to 20s. And i got a lot of responsibility to think about my ownself. That is going to be so much burden and i think i am going to avoid it. Oh ya this week i have my english Edexcel London Exam. It's never gonna stop until i got the C things. I hope i manage to do this paper with my help and effort! Jangan kan malas-malas ani. Adangtah! I know i am lazy girl and i awake that. It's true. Hehe :)

Oh ya i just want to share the day on 30th december 2009. Siuk tu hari atu. It's the best moment in my life. Nah i spot one. Haha.. now i remember with another best memory. I was hanging out with my Bestieee Umi and Azar . We watch New Moon. Adakah. Such a crazy moments. Love it. Bah lenx nanti liat Eclipse lagi ahh ok ok.. Insya Allah i treat you guys( mun inda kapih jua ah :P) Ok back to my 30th december. Awuuu i was going to Miri, Sarawak with Cihm family and ride the bus. Those family are amazing. I like to be part with that family. Funny and generous. I hope there's upcoming events like this ah ah.. hehe :) i was going to Parkson with them and went with my parents and sister. You know what, i went to Populor's bookstore and i bought 'Twilight companion' i am not read this book yet. But i know it is a very good book, with a witness from you i am obsessed with 'VAMPIRE' stuff. So no harm, no foul! and don't be scared. It's just damn hobby to love them even though i am not Team Edward Cullen :) alert! Thank you for the trio to Miri ok. I love the trip and i love the family ♥

This morning i was going to MIRI again but with my sister and her family. Kami mendangani saja. Hehe.. Tapi i got my own painting book guide. I got it from Populor's bookstore again! haha.. i was giving some money from my mama ku yang tersayang. Yes! again i got the book! Over all everything is so exhausted. Ialah ramai orang-orang Brunei holiday at Miri. So cheap and good quality. Everything i want i got it. :) It's different when you go shopping in your own country. Believe me! :)

And lastly i just i want to show my last resolution when it come 5 and i add it 5 more :)
1. Success
2. Confident
3. Happiness
4. Brave
5. Opportunity
6. Freedom
7. Trust
8. Accomplished
9. Strong
10. Partner
(hehe. The only listing that i should put it in the last position :)

So until to meet you again
Good girl



♥just smile
10:13 PM