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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

I was at the Seri Kenangan beach and just relaxing my mind with all this pictures. Haha..Still Learning!! I woke up late at 8am and my nephews woke me up. I am sleepyhead. LOL! and ate Nasi Bungkus at the beach while the wind play my hair along.What? Ok. The weather is awesome! I love it. Sun and hot. It's perfect for tans your skins. And me EXCUSE ME! No..ehe:) i am nearly dark already. Inda saya mahu eh.. haha :D All this are just selected pictures i take. If you want to see the other just go to my FB! Add me then :) mmm..talking about FB. I still waiting FARID KAMIL'S FB. He's so damn busy. Now he is a director. Wow good achievement. And ya almost forgot and never forget it... HAPPY MAULIDUR RASUL. Today is friday and solat, banyak buat kebajikan sempena hari yang mulia ini. Bukan sahaja hari yang istimewa ini. Hari yang lain pun hari yang penuh hikmatnya :) So lu fikir2 lah sendiri. ^^ So enjoy!
All this selected pictures based on the nature.I love NATURE and nature connected with me and the camera. Thank you for the weather and the freedom of photography!
You are ROX!

The beach and the boat. Good combination

Atykah Aura the beach

The nature trees

Me and the tree

The group of trees

The empty seat with the empty trees


♥just smile
2:30 PM

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is just a fastest things that i do for now because i am run in time. Actually i want to post about what i am doing today. I was at Soto Rindu, GIANT with my whole family. Its such a happy time and moment to me. Hahaha.Well one of them is i am the freedom of photographer. Oh shoot my headache is come now. I may be shocked and need a rest now. Ermm after i finish my blog probably i am not going to rest on my precious bed. I have to finish my homework. Oh Louis Vitton my cats!. I have to feed them after this. And i will never sleep during 'maghrib time'. Evil is come to play in your dream with u. Seriously!

Ok ok my favourite actors is here! I mean no one know i love Malaysian actors like i love my Hollywood actors. I mean look at them. Malaysian artist is very talented apa. They got everything. Bukan pulang kan di puja-puja or kan di suka-suka. What i mean is they are damn talented bah!! And seriously they just not talented in one things. They can do more than as an actors. Ok lets pick one. I love Ashraf Muslim because i like when he start to play his flute, i like his soft voice and i like his acting. Ohh chanel he is perfect in any kinds of way! To me. Just you are the perfect one la.. Dari mata saja. I know lah mana ada manusia yang sempurna. Isn't it? Hehe. Ashraf GOOD LUCK! i hope i can take a picture with you, someday. Maybe this is one of my wish list that impossible to come true. Hahaha! If you read this, maybe you start to think something. You think! I saw you first at this 'impian iilyana the series' That time is just like 'ohh cute! and who is that guy?' After i saw you at this programmes called 'Syifa' at Oasis. Mmmp i love u more and yes jangan tidur lagi'..

Farid Kamil? Oh He is the best!!! I like his acting and i am not crazy about him. Haha.. :D Well, how can i want to be crazy something that i like. I mean i don't want to be crazy in front of him. Just make some compliment for him eh. He need that maybe. Oh ya i found out that he have a blog. Wow. Thats awesome! You are the great. If you feel free to update. Please Hi to me. Lol! Oh ya i am still awaiting your 'Lembing Awang Pulang Ke dayang' movie! Bila eh dvds nye nak keluar? wow i can write in Malaysia? Hahaha. Lol! Ok forget about it. Just one word 'SMART' he is smart :) Smart brain! Smart clothes and smart talk! Hehe :) So that it for now!


Good girl,


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♥just smile
5:12 PM

Thursday, February 18, 2010

All right i'm not that patriotic person when it comes to a National day.However what not to like national day and the celebration of the freedom. Isn't it? I am proud to be Bruneian. Well i am not Pure Buneian since i got an indonesian blood from my mom side(my real mom i mean) Gah who need to tell this stupid secret at here. I am not proud of it and why the shoot things happen when its come to love. What am i trying to say is 'jangan ikut nafsu. Sekurang2nya cari ler bride yang dari orang yang baik-baik. Apa tiada woman ke yang nak di jadikan bride' you get what i mean. I am not blame anybody about this case. I am not blame takdir jua and my father(my real father) Heh' who have the nerve to blame takdir.. Haiya! STOP! Are we going to write about my privacy life here? O_o> What a shame!

Ok back to my National day. Yeahh it's already the 26th years celebration. Can you believe that Brunei is safe and most importantly it's a PEACEFUL COUNTRY. I am proud to say i am Bruneian (again!) and you know what recently i saw in facebook fan read 'Brunei the most boring country' Mmmmmp... Entah tu orang yang membuat ah.. Walaupun sabahan kah siapakah. At least at Brunei we don't have that kind of culture as you said 'nightlife or pubs!!' The most important thing we do not want to have that kind of things in our country. We want PEACE not the negative side. Heh' I don't want to write more details. You can find it by yourself aight.. This is my blog.. I got a limit when it comes to write this kind of things!!!! Takut ku ni.. Thats just the fact i want to share.. Then back to my country oh yaaa i like this year theme : 'NEGARAKU BRUNEI DARUSSALAM'

Nice.. Hehehe.. Over all i can't wait to watch the big day on 23rd February 2010 live at TV!! Hehehe :D Maybe live at Taman Sir Omar Ali Saifuddien or anywhere. Not so sure. Not involve, myself. Hehe.. Tell me the place if you know :)

This Flag, my dad's take a shot at outside of our house.I guess it's during a chill windy.



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♥just smile
2:50 PM

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whatttts!!! Hah?? Ok ok don't panic just say it's all okay. Haha.. all right i can't wait to watch American idol at 6 and it's all pounding and my nieces are annoying. Ahh.. sorry no offense for those who read this. However, i manage to watch just 1 hour and ended up watching the next 8pm hahaha.. Right now i watch the American Idol at Starworld. Despite everything is not a suspense anymore. I am checking in the internet about the latest result top 24. Yaaaiiii!!! My two favourite American Idol is top 24.. But still i am not relieve! I want John Park and Katie Stevens will be in top 12! Good luck :) If i have the opportunity to vote them well fuhh thats really hard because i am not voting anyone here.. Not going to waste my money or credits as u says just to vote our favourite singer... :D hehe...

So happy GOOD LUCK for all the contestants of American Idol 9! I am sure all of you going to be okay with but not too comfortable yet :) Love Katie Stevens and John Park. Please please please i want you in top 12!!!! Crushing u up!!


♥just smile
9:36 PM

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I would like to say wow it such an amazing picnic day ever. My family and i went to Kuala Beach Tutong with the family from CiHM. They're the awesomeness family and i like them very much. Hehe.. Well everything is flawless. I don't know what to write anymore since i'm cannot wait to put a several pictures that i took by LUMIX camera. I am totally new here. You know study about photograph is not that easy man. Need practise and practise and 100% practise. However, for this mean time i guess photographer is not me yet. I still want to focus other things :)

Just pratising the shadow

Si Fathur CUTE!! (ehem lurus ka ejaan nya ?)

Farah makan sandwich ka tu?

Try to show off the leg eh?

The beach!!

More pictures at:
Picnic picnic pictures


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♥just smile
4:33 PM

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ok February. Seriously i don't know what a february mean to me. There's nothing special occasion that happen at me yet unless if its a miracle maybe its insane! Hahaa.. I am busy with my personal shhhh A level exam this year. I mean hell i have to study by myself and mesti cari bahan-bahan sendiri. Don't u think its a burden thing to do. I don't have a basic but just with a help from my private class. I take Syariah class and other subjects like ART, MALAY and GP huh' i do it by my own sweat lah :D okay okay urm Gah! i always forget when it come to writing a blog! i don't know what to write bah.. Oh for this mean time like i said i am practicing my art u know drawing and drawing with my bestfriend, oil patels i mean ^^ and then i read my syariah and Hang Tuah, Saga and Atheis novel. I know i have to take a breath.. Inhale and Exhale. Oh ya i just need to relief myself when it comes to 'BABYSITTERS and BABYSITTING' hehe.. So much things to do i mean i have to look after 2 kids of my sisters. It kind of tiring, talking with them and do as i did like a mother with 2 kids with no husband lah tu kiranya. Haha.. i am saying that i am enjoy what i am doing because i have to enjoy no matter what. I look after a human beings with feeling and lainlah kalau kucing or hamster kali kan kan :) oh god is the clock ticking and moving? i have 40 minutes to finish this. See my life is like a bird in the prison. Bisai lagi burung dikasihani jua oleh penjaganya untuk dilepaskan suatu hari nanti. Despite with all of that stuff i still can't get out. I can't breath outside and breath inside. I mean inside based on my treating a babysitter 'things' and outside well enjoys the fresh and breeze. I can go out pulang tapi go out as i mean 'walking on the beach or sighting or playing games, jogging etc etc ^^ So that what i want and hanging out with my friends as well.. :) what else ermm yaa my Artworks as i keep my promise to put it in my facebook and ask my friend, Shimo to comment it and i can still learn with him :)
and i want u my readers please comment all my artworks ^^

(Unite!! Yes..)

(Something wrong with the nose eh?)

(Rather be sick or worry?)

(The illusion of direction)

This is my selected artworks done by me:D
If you want to see more ADD ME in my facebook!!!

So i guess thats what i need. I write and i post :) I hope to see a million comments about my Art! Please HUMAN BEINGS help this poor tiny creature who need your billion help! ^^


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♥just smile
12:13 PM