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Thursday, February 18, 2010

All right i'm not that patriotic person when it comes to a National day.However what not to like national day and the celebration of the freedom. Isn't it? I am proud to be Bruneian. Well i am not Pure Buneian since i got an indonesian blood from my mom side(my real mom i mean) Gah who need to tell this stupid secret at here. I am not proud of it and why the shoot things happen when its come to love. What am i trying to say is 'jangan ikut nafsu. Sekurang2nya cari ler bride yang dari orang yang baik-baik. Apa tiada woman ke yang nak di jadikan bride' you get what i mean. I am not blame anybody about this case. I am not blame takdir jua and my father(my real father) Heh' who have the nerve to blame takdir.. Haiya! STOP! Are we going to write about my privacy life here? O_o> What a shame!

Ok back to my National day. Yeahh it's already the 26th years celebration. Can you believe that Brunei is safe and most importantly it's a PEACEFUL COUNTRY. I am proud to say i am Bruneian (again!) and you know what recently i saw in facebook fan read 'Brunei the most boring country' Mmmmmp... Entah tu orang yang membuat ah.. Walaupun sabahan kah siapakah. At least at Brunei we don't have that kind of culture as you said 'nightlife or pubs!!' The most important thing we do not want to have that kind of things in our country. We want PEACE not the negative side. Heh' I don't want to write more details. You can find it by yourself aight.. This is my blog.. I got a limit when it comes to write this kind of things!!!! Takut ku ni.. Thats just the fact i want to share.. Then back to my country oh yaaa i like this year theme : 'NEGARAKU BRUNEI DARUSSALAM'

Nice.. Hehehe.. Over all i can't wait to watch the big day on 23rd February 2010 live at TV!! Hehehe :D Maybe live at Taman Sir Omar Ali Saifuddien or anywhere. Not so sure. Not involve, myself. Hehe.. Tell me the place if you know :)

This Flag, my dad's take a shot at outside of our house.I guess it's during a chill windy.



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