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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ok February. Seriously i don't know what a february mean to me. There's nothing special occasion that happen at me yet unless if its a miracle maybe its insane! Hahaa.. I am busy with my personal shhhh A level exam this year. I mean hell i have to study by myself and mesti cari bahan-bahan sendiri. Don't u think its a burden thing to do. I don't have a basic but just with a help from my private class. I take Syariah class and other subjects like ART, MALAY and GP huh' i do it by my own sweat lah :D okay okay urm Gah! i always forget when it come to writing a blog! i don't know what to write bah.. Oh for this mean time like i said i am practicing my art u know drawing and drawing with my bestfriend, oil patels i mean ^^ and then i read my syariah and Hang Tuah, Saga and Atheis novel. I know i have to take a breath.. Inhale and Exhale. Oh ya i just need to relief myself when it comes to 'BABYSITTERS and BABYSITTING' hehe.. So much things to do i mean i have to look after 2 kids of my sisters. It kind of tiring, talking with them and do as i did like a mother with 2 kids with no husband lah tu kiranya. Haha.. i am saying that i am enjoy what i am doing because i have to enjoy no matter what. I look after a human beings with feeling and lainlah kalau kucing or hamster kali kan kan :) oh god is the clock ticking and moving? i have 40 minutes to finish this. See my life is like a bird in the prison. Bisai lagi burung dikasihani jua oleh penjaganya untuk dilepaskan suatu hari nanti. Despite with all of that stuff i still can't get out. I can't breath outside and breath inside. I mean inside based on my treating a babysitter 'things' and outside well enjoys the fresh and breeze. I can go out pulang tapi go out as i mean 'walking on the beach or sighting or playing games, jogging etc etc ^^ So that what i want and hanging out with my friends as well.. :) what else ermm yaa my Artworks as i keep my promise to put it in my facebook and ask my friend, Shimo to comment it and i can still learn with him :)
and i want u my readers please comment all my artworks ^^

(Unite!! Yes..)

(Something wrong with the nose eh?)

(Rather be sick or worry?)

(The illusion of direction)

This is my selected artworks done by me:D
If you want to see more ADD ME in my facebook!!!

So i guess thats what i need. I write and i post :) I hope to see a million comments about my Art! Please HUMAN BEINGS help this poor tiny creature who need your billion help! ^^


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