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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is just a fastest things that i do for now because i am run in time. Actually i want to post about what i am doing today. I was at Soto Rindu, GIANT with my whole family. Its such a happy time and moment to me. Hahaha.Well one of them is i am the freedom of photographer. Oh shoot my headache is come now. I may be shocked and need a rest now. Ermm after i finish my blog probably i am not going to rest on my precious bed. I have to finish my homework. Oh Louis Vitton my cats!. I have to feed them after this. And i will never sleep during 'maghrib time'. Evil is come to play in your dream with u. Seriously!

Ok ok my favourite actors is here! I mean no one know i love Malaysian actors like i love my Hollywood actors. I mean look at them. Malaysian artist is very talented apa. They got everything. Bukan pulang kan di puja-puja or kan di suka-suka. What i mean is they are damn talented bah!! And seriously they just not talented in one things. They can do more than as an actors. Ok lets pick one. I love Ashraf Muslim because i like when he start to play his flute, i like his soft voice and i like his acting. Ohh chanel he is perfect in any kinds of way! To me. Just you are the perfect one la.. Dari mata saja. I know lah mana ada manusia yang sempurna. Isn't it? Hehe. Ashraf GOOD LUCK! i hope i can take a picture with you, someday. Maybe this is one of my wish list that impossible to come true. Hahaha! If you read this, maybe you start to think something. You think! I saw you first at this 'impian iilyana the series' That time is just like 'ohh cute! and who is that guy?' After i saw you at this programmes called 'Syifa' at Oasis. Mmmp i love u more and yes jangan tidur lagi'..

Farid Kamil? Oh He is the best!!! I like his acting and i am not crazy about him. Haha.. :D Well, how can i want to be crazy something that i like. I mean i don't want to be crazy in front of him. Just make some compliment for him eh. He need that maybe. Oh ya i found out that he have a blog. Wow. Thats awesome! You are the great. If you feel free to update. Please Hi to me. Lol! Oh ya i am still awaiting your 'Lembing Awang Pulang Ke dayang' movie! Bila eh dvds nye nak keluar? wow i can write in Malaysia? Hahaha. Lol! Ok forget about it. Just one word 'SMART' he is smart :) Smart brain! Smart clothes and smart talk! Hehe :) So that it for now!


Good girl,


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