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Saturday, March 27, 2010

-Damon Baker
-20 years old
-Teen Fashion Photographer

-Love you! :D

This is Damon Baker himself. Urrr sorry Damon if i put your pictures and works at here. I just like your works and everything. Its such an honour if you let me to write about you at here. Hehe.. ^^b Be cool mate :) I knew him at this magazine entitled 'What's digital camera' Ermm at there the writer wrote his name 'Damon Barker with an R' there.. ehe.. so i look at it.. ermm no result that shows Barker is a photographer. So its such a lucky things that google help me : Do you mean Damon baker? and i click that name.Walaaaa its true thats it :D That him!! Seriously when i saw his portfolio. Its such an amazing creation and ability by yourself. You did a very good jobs! You're like what? 20? Pheww..just the same age like me and ya i like to take photo based on the beach, trees and sun. Also when i saw your works maybe i'll try to take that kind of portraits with high of fashion but different kind of shape :) I need black and everything but just different. I will do by my own creativity. I'll never copy yours.. :) I try my best. Probably i will start my 'black creation' on June with my bestiee UMI and AZAR :D :D so wait me all readers :)

(I LIKE PORTRAITS a lots. Maybe i'll try to draw this)

Some of his works i google it. Its difficult for me to grab the pictures. Well this is just i got. If you interest with all Damon Baker's works so you can simply go [here] :D I know you will love it.. Unbelievable and marvelous.!! :)

Got a party tonight! (((((Watching NEW MOON with Bon-fire))))))



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♥just smile
11:58 AM

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ok don't panic for a minute. I know there is somebody outside that love THE TWILIGHT SAGA:ECLIPSE..yes yes yes.. haha :D like me for instance. I am crazy with them. I don't know. Its all started from the books and then when i knew that Robert Pattinson on it.. addition i am crazy like hell again! hah! lol.... I remember when i watched Twilight at the cinema by myself.. I cannot shut my mouth because once i already read the books i kinda know all the part and the characters.. that time i still don't have my real team. I kinda love and adores EMMETT, JASPER and the once only EDWARD CULLEN. I know there's so much fans love to be in TEAM EDWARD CULLEN. Haha.. he is romactic perfect guy. That his things.. :D :D but me a a I love to be in TEAM JACOB BLACK. I dunno.. He's a very perfect guy for Bella actually but with a second though urrr.. i'm afraid Bella might be hurt in term of transformation of warewolves like Emily. And yes with the third though i like Bella with Edward Cullen forever. They match together addition Edward unable to read Bella's mind like Sookie Stackhause with Bill Campton(TRUE BLOOD) lol! Far apart from this movie. Well its vampire ehe :D Ok urrmmm i went to update about Eclipse in my facebook status.. Hahaha of course my causin and friends can't wait to watch this also.. hahaha.. We all a bit 'un-normal' people when it comes to talk about a noncnse things...like Eclipse...'Oh i wish i am rich and get to marry with ROBERT PATTINSON' and bla bla bla.. so i am still not a human now. i want to be A VAMPIRE..hahaha..

So i just want you to know that please watch this SNEAK PEEK: ECLIPSE.. i am guarantee this is will be good and amazing exclusive scene.. I love it..!!!!!!!!

I just gonna say this is ROBERT PATTINSON'S WAX.. hahahaah...this is so funny.. what? is it my dream come true? oh yaa WHERE ARE YOU GONNA DISPLAY THIS WAX? at which place?? say in BRUNEI hahaha :P crazy!!!! My eyes see this wax is okay... His HAIR is okay and his lips is something wrong(i am agree!) he is just look alike an actor from x-men..siapa ahh?? 'HUGH JACKMAN' lol!!! and apart from that everything is okay.. Just okay because the real one is very okay.. haha :D I WANT THE ORIGINAL ROBERT PATTINSON "__"

So c u to my readers..i have to fly!!!


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♥just smile
2:22 PM

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great this is so great to be back. I know you know sometimes this connection is never understand what we want because there are not living-things. Meintenence due to trouble fever. Internet pun ada deman-deman nyaa. Not just us! And now its good to be back. Whilst i'm bored without update anything well i got my own diary to writes anything i like :) ok i love my blog too.. whats not to like my own blog right? So i am already finish my Syariah Test and well not so english but i consider its end..even though i know my paper 2 Syariah is kinda mess, disaster and my teacher might cross that out tooo big and yaaa red! huh! i never been on that kind of situation you know.. i mean to get red marks for Ugama :) I am good at that subject because i love the subject. Wait up! i think my brain is stuck right now.. Sakit eh! Mati.. mencucuk-cucuk rasanya! heh'

Oh yaa gooooood newss..its been a long time right i am not going to cinema and watch whenever i like.. Ok i watched 'REMEMBER ME'. A movie by the one only screaaaaaaaaaaaammm! ROBERT PATTINSON! oh goshh he's so damn cute and good-looking. You know when he make up with the girl is just like i pretend that was me..lol! ok stop dreaming. Well what i can about this movie.. its just so-so.. and he died(no secret) haha.. and yaa its boring because i couldnt focus on the Rob's character as TYLER HAWKINS. Masih jua bayang-bayang c Edward Cullen ah.. Hahahaha.. :D Jangantah diliat.. watch it at the dvds saja ahh.. its kind of dissapointed..well how can i say this..i don't want the hero die! Aight? ada faham? the movie make that the story like that... i hate when the heroes die..its kind of hush and lame and down!

OK! actually i got so much thinsgs to update u know. Tapi kepala ku sakit.. Awwww.. rasakan di hampas2...hah! So i have to stop before this head make a horrible twist to the max.. my eyes turn red and the blood will splash! so Toodle--dee..


♥just smile
9:31 PM

Friday, March 12, 2010

All right its time for update since i'm dissapear or take a break as you says..ehehe.. actually the internet connection has this kind of sickness disease. So all the computer have a kit kat to break. Well not me.. I still sick because of i'm doing my Syariah notes again. That time i was at microsoft office word doing my jawi translation to malay. Not that long. Its just took for 3 hours i guess. Ok it's long!!! :D Hahaha..

Pheww..my mind is still wondering what am i might doing with my life? It's so not that damn complicated but me or i am the one who make my life complicated and harder! Gah..i need to strive myself. I hate myself when i am not myself. Lazy, sleepyhead and what take ignore?? Mmmmph!!! Nothing but a couple of zero.. Tutttt!!!! Actually i am not going to update this based on my weaknesses but i just want to share to my readers how bored and useless i am.. i remember this lyrics 'According to me i am useless and stupid'.. thay is it! Thats the things i describe as myself :D lol!! heh'..but i am very good not to ever cross with suicide.. i am still with a brain! so i don't have to give up!

What else?? oh yaa do u remember that time i said i'm going to Miri and bla..bla..bla?? Yes i went to Miri on Sunday last weeks.. so much adventure with the bus and of course all my money mmm...i achieving an empty pocket!!! Lol! however i bought a lots of books such as 'Hijab sang Pecinta' from Ramlee Awang Murshid, Cinta di sang kalbu wrote by Nur Atiqah Ghazali and more love comics( and ended up too boring!!!) now i know i dislike comics.. so babyish! i am really confused why some of the teenagers love to read comics??? I mean i like comics but not that kind of comics i bought.. Ok explain?????? Urggggg one i don't understand the story i might suffer of confusing disorder..Seriously try meh!!! Lame! I also bough a new pink bag! I love bags!!! Big bags and everything :D And we are safely landing on the spot at Tutong. Alhamdulillah. I am still alive!

Talk more about my life(not too much details) Ok! Urrr i called by USB to have an interview.. It's still part of my experience to talk in front 3 differents people and give an opinion. I hope i get the jobs part on my patients and talents.. Everyday need those things.. :) and of course i have to be creative and more relevants... Thats i want..even i am evil at home.. Hahahaa.. :D 'Jangan diserlahkan keburukan itu kepada orang ramai kerana padah membawanya kita ke jalan yang salah' i knew english people will never understand what i wrote.. well you can translate it at google.. Hahaha.. ;D :D

Ok my brain, head and backbones are not feeling tired.. addition my damn two eyes never want to understand me when it comes to stare at the computer at such a long time :D so see you!!

Good girl,


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♥just smile
9:03 PM

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Breath! Haha :) actually this march, mac, 3, three, III is also a special month for me. Well i am just saying it because i don't want my day is full with gloom and sadness. Haha even though i am not saying anything. Oh no i miss you like crazy. Gah.. you know what having a partner before 23! YES! Hahaha.. I miss you and i spell your name or your pictures is everywhere! At the magazine, internet and recently i watch his drama series at OASIS. Haha. I am funny and crazy girl! who am i to miss him albeit he doesn't know that i am exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( Crazy! Crazy! )

Heh' its remind me with Twilight saga right now when it comes to EXIST! Ok forget about Edward Cullen or Jacob Black for an hour. I kinda forget that i am still in Jacob Black side. Oh i am! I love JB! My march is still slow. No extreme life yet! I still run with the same life. Straight and simple. No news. Oh ya i can't wait to meet my bestiee on this march. hehee.. they come to crush at my cribs. Yehaaa.. I still thinking what to do. My parents is still the same when it come to 'don't let your friends staying at here(house)'Heh' Such unfreedom life right! Who's care?!

Aduii ma i don't have any ideas and plan for march yet. Maybe i have to learn how to drive on the road with my dad's auto MAZDA car.Ehehe.. Aku penakut sebenarnya. However, i got the license and what not to have a confident and courageous feels! Need to breath and don't panic. Thats why my feeling tell me that i have to use AUTO haha.. And then yaaa i go to MIRI yeah Miri with CiHM family and the bus again on 7th March 2010! I love the trips! Trips trips trips.. ^^ I am planning to buy more books at Popular.. and the other bookstore. I hope all the books and magazine are all awesome! I can't wait! and ended up 'TIRED' and tomorrow i have class and need to revise before EXAM(gigit jari) Pheeewww...

And the update is done..
Good girl,



♥just smile
8:55 PM