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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great this is so great to be back. I know you know sometimes this connection is never understand what we want because there are not living-things. Meintenence due to trouble fever. Internet pun ada deman-deman nyaa. Not just us! And now its good to be back. Whilst i'm bored without update anything well i got my own diary to writes anything i like :) ok i love my blog too.. whats not to like my own blog right? So i am already finish my Syariah Test and well not so english but i consider its end..even though i know my paper 2 Syariah is kinda mess, disaster and my teacher might cross that out tooo big and yaaa red! huh! i never been on that kind of situation you know.. i mean to get red marks for Ugama :) I am good at that subject because i love the subject. Wait up! i think my brain is stuck right now.. Sakit eh! Mati.. mencucuk-cucuk rasanya! heh'

Oh yaa gooooood newss..its been a long time right i am not going to cinema and watch whenever i like.. Ok i watched 'REMEMBER ME'. A movie by the one only screaaaaaaaaaaaammm! ROBERT PATTINSON! oh goshh he's so damn cute and good-looking. You know when he make up with the girl is just like i pretend that was me..lol! ok stop dreaming. Well what i can about this movie.. its just so-so.. and he died(no secret) haha.. and yaa its boring because i couldnt focus on the Rob's character as TYLER HAWKINS. Masih jua bayang-bayang c Edward Cullen ah.. Hahahaha.. :D Jangantah diliat.. watch it at the dvds saja ahh.. its kind of dissapointed..well how can i say this..i don't want the hero die! Aight? ada faham? the movie make that the story like that... i hate when the heroes die..its kind of hush and lame and down!

OK! actually i got so much thinsgs to update u know. Tapi kepala ku sakit.. Awwww.. rasakan di hampas2...hah! So i have to stop before this head make a horrible twist to the max.. my eyes turn red and the blood will splash! so Toodle--dee..


♥just smile
9:31 PM