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Saturday, March 27, 2010

-Damon Baker
-20 years old
-Teen Fashion Photographer

-Love you! :D

This is Damon Baker himself. Urrr sorry Damon if i put your pictures and works at here. I just like your works and everything. Its such an honour if you let me to write about you at here. Hehe.. ^^b Be cool mate :) I knew him at this magazine entitled 'What's digital camera' Ermm at there the writer wrote his name 'Damon Barker with an R' there.. ehe.. so i look at it.. ermm no result that shows Barker is a photographer. So its such a lucky things that google help me : Do you mean Damon baker? and i click that name.Walaaaa its true thats it :D That him!! Seriously when i saw his portfolio. Its such an amazing creation and ability by yourself. You did a very good jobs! You're like what? 20? Pheww..just the same age like me and ya i like to take photo based on the beach, trees and sun. Also when i saw your works maybe i'll try to take that kind of portraits with high of fashion but different kind of shape :) I need black and everything but just different. I will do by my own creativity. I'll never copy yours.. :) I try my best. Probably i will start my 'black creation' on June with my bestiee UMI and AZAR :D :D so wait me all readers :)

(I LIKE PORTRAITS a lots. Maybe i'll try to draw this)

Some of his works i google it. Its difficult for me to grab the pictures. Well this is just i got. If you interest with all Damon Baker's works so you can simply go [here] :D I know you will love it.. Unbelievable and marvelous.!! :)

Got a party tonight! (((((Watching NEW MOON with Bon-fire))))))



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