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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Breath! Haha :) actually this march, mac, 3, three, III is also a special month for me. Well i am just saying it because i don't want my day is full with gloom and sadness. Haha even though i am not saying anything. Oh no i miss you like crazy. Gah.. you know what having a partner before 23! YES! Hahaha.. I miss you and i spell your name or your pictures is everywhere! At the magazine, internet and recently i watch his drama series at OASIS. Haha. I am funny and crazy girl! who am i to miss him albeit he doesn't know that i am exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( Crazy! Crazy! )

Heh' its remind me with Twilight saga right now when it comes to EXIST! Ok forget about Edward Cullen or Jacob Black for an hour. I kinda forget that i am still in Jacob Black side. Oh i am! I love JB! My march is still slow. No extreme life yet! I still run with the same life. Straight and simple. No news. Oh ya i can't wait to meet my bestiee on this march. hehee.. they come to crush at my cribs. Yehaaa.. I still thinking what to do. My parents is still the same when it come to 'don't let your friends staying at here(house)'Heh' Such unfreedom life right! Who's care?!

Aduii ma i don't have any ideas and plan for march yet. Maybe i have to learn how to drive on the road with my dad's auto MAZDA car.Ehehe.. Aku penakut sebenarnya. However, i got the license and what not to have a confident and courageous feels! Need to breath and don't panic. Thats why my feeling tell me that i have to use AUTO haha.. And then yaaa i go to MIRI yeah Miri with CiHM family and the bus again on 7th March 2010! I love the trips! Trips trips trips.. ^^ I am planning to buy more books at Popular.. and the other bookstore. I hope all the books and magazine are all awesome! I can't wait! and ended up 'TIRED' and tomorrow i have class and need to revise before EXAM(gigit jari) Pheeewww...

And the update is done..
Good girl,



♥just smile
8:55 PM