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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ok don't panic for a minute. I know there is somebody outside that love THE TWILIGHT SAGA:ECLIPSE..yes yes yes.. haha :D like me for instance. I am crazy with them. I don't know. Its all started from the books and then when i knew that Robert Pattinson on it.. addition i am crazy like hell again! hah! lol.... I remember when i watched Twilight at the cinema by myself.. I cannot shut my mouth because once i already read the books i kinda know all the part and the characters.. that time i still don't have my real team. I kinda love and adores EMMETT, JASPER and the once only EDWARD CULLEN. I know there's so much fans love to be in TEAM EDWARD CULLEN. Haha.. he is romactic perfect guy. That his things.. :D :D but me a a I love to be in TEAM JACOB BLACK. I dunno.. He's a very perfect guy for Bella actually but with a second though urrr.. i'm afraid Bella might be hurt in term of transformation of warewolves like Emily. And yes with the third though i like Bella with Edward Cullen forever. They match together addition Edward unable to read Bella's mind like Sookie Stackhause with Bill Campton(TRUE BLOOD) lol! Far apart from this movie. Well its vampire ehe :D Ok urrmmm i went to update about Eclipse in my facebook status.. Hahaha of course my causin and friends can't wait to watch this also.. hahaha.. We all a bit 'un-normal' people when it comes to talk about a noncnse things...like Eclipse...'Oh i wish i am rich and get to marry with ROBERT PATTINSON' and bla bla bla.. so i am still not a human now. i want to be A VAMPIRE..hahaha..

So i just want you to know that please watch this SNEAK PEEK: ECLIPSE.. i am guarantee this is will be good and amazing exclusive scene.. I love it..!!!!!!!!

I just gonna say this is ROBERT PATTINSON'S WAX.. hahahaah...this is so funny.. what? is it my dream come true? oh yaa WHERE ARE YOU GONNA DISPLAY THIS WAX? at which place?? say in BRUNEI hahaha :P crazy!!!! My eyes see this wax is okay... His HAIR is okay and his lips is something wrong(i am agree!) he is just look alike an actor from x-men..siapa ahh?? 'HUGH JACKMAN' lol!!! and apart from that everything is okay.. Just okay because the real one is very okay.. haha :D I WANT THE ORIGINAL ROBERT PATTINSON "__"

So c u to my readers..i have to fly!!!


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