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Thursday, April 15, 2010

An exciting place to visit during a free time. I love it when my dad want to take me to this Mini-Zoo at Sungai Kelugos. It is so exciting moments to see them real and live. I mean this once in a life time or one time in a year. I love all the friendly animals and i am also try to communicate with them. It's a good thing they react and smile and jump happily. They also give a sign. The birds are all ok :) and i love the gigantic monkey so much. Seriously i am little bit coward with a snake and crocodile. You can't imagine how ugly i am when i'm scared. Haha. Don't force me to touch the snakes.. I fear of them!! even a bird. Wild bird i mean. I don't know if they're really tame since they are inside the cage like a prison :) It is a pity to see them inside there especially the monkey who had no freedom at all. Mmmmph! I don't understand why people kept animals inside the cage and never let them go?? Maybe you can put them inside at least you creat a beautiful jungle to make it as and exactly like they home. Then it'll never make them stress out:) well no offense. It is just my open suggestion to suggest how to it well.. I love Zoo. I hope i will go to 'Sentosa Island' to see more animals :) I HEART ANIMALS!!

There's more pictures of my animals to share. If you all interest with all my animals shot. Please take a look and [CLICK HERE] Enjoy!!!!!! and comment me something in the cbox. ^^b Rule for animals..because we are animals lover!

So see you all,


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