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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ok today don't make any jokes that i hate because no APRIL FOOL ALERT aight.. i hate it when people doing that kind of sickness. Haha.. Oh my can you believe this day turn to be April already. I am look old now. I got a grey hair haha...lol! kidding.. i recently remember this in NEW MOON when Charlie saying that at Bella. SENIOR YEAR eh? nice.. and i like this 'DATING AN OLD WOMAN! HOT!' said Emmett Cullen to his brother, Edward. HAHA.. You know i watched New Moon like FIVE TIMES already? heh' i cannot stop for being an addicted person. Thats good! at least i am not addicted some kinds of bad things. ^^ Yes i love NEW MOON movie that direct by Chris Weitz. Amazing. This is totally up- to- the- sky!! Good jobs. I hope ECLIPSE will be like that yah. Eclipse is one of my favourite book and i want the movie become my favourite movie also.. and and talking about new moon again. I like the entrance of Edward Cullen and when Jacob Black take off his damn shirt. Awwww! Hehe..lol i know i am crazy again. Thats good to be crazy something that i like. Ok stop about new moon for a sec. Lets talk about APRIL. Oh no i dunno what i have in april days. What i know i lot of busy things to do regarding of my EXAM. Wuuuu isn't it scary? I just have 5 weeks more to revise my English. I know i can do it :D
Just pray me ok readers. :) Then then then..mmmmmm.. give me an idea please.. urrrr.... ok lets stop for a minute i need to run my imesh first. Such a busy day since i restore it back the ipod from that ass lock. Huh! what a hands...ok i am back.. wow imesh is looking good eh.. Nice.. yeah i downloads it.. ehe.. shhh! or else my dad might have a congestion of a speech limit!! Talk talk talk.. ehehe... freaking coward to VIRUS. I know the Virus is forsaking lunatic excess. It turn down the computer and my disk..Ok i stop until here eh.. because i need to search my composition to print. And more more more...

See you all :)


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♥just smile
12:59 PM