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Saturday, April 17, 2010

I kind of revise something that past two night back then. It is about Friendship. I like the composition with a lot of advice and quote. I copy some of it in the English Singapore Essay and plan to put it here. Its so deep and very Shakespears literature.

Friends Pictures, Images and Photos

[ Friendship is a boon, a divine gift. A true and genuine friend is one who helps when help is needed. In these days, when the world is too much with everybody, real friendship is a rare thing. A true friend is more precious than any other relative. Friendship is one of the noblest expressions of human relations and instincts. Which is why it is said 'Prosperity makes friends but adversity tries them''. Friendship is also said to be the wine and essence of life.

Franas Balcon quote '' The worst solitude is to have no friendship''because friendship increases confidence, courage and happiness and lessens sorrow and suffering. Everybody craves for genuine, true and sincere friends.

The friendship is one of the crowning glories of mankind. No sacrifice is too great that is done for a friend. Love and sacrifice are hallmarks of friendship. Friendship involves a lot of responsibilities, obligations, duties and sacrifice. True friends always stand by you through think and thin. It is better not to have any friend at all than a false friend.]

So think it deep and ask yourself. Do i have a true friends that can jump in the hot lava for me? Do my friends is a good listeners and will be sacrifice it soul for you? If YES you're so lucky to have that friends. And you have to be appreciate the life without lonely. If me i don't know yet. I have loads of friends. Good friends mostly. Hehe.. but A TRUE FRIEND, not yet. I don't have a hint to flash my mind inside of it. My close friends, most of them who can make me laugh and cheers always. A friend with a shoulders to cry i don't know. It's so difficult! I hope one day she/he will exist in my life.

P.S : Actually i want to put my friends pictures at here but i don't want to after i think twice about it. Why? this is for the key of safeness. I don't want to have a maximum fighting adventure again! OK.. i just put their name the who close with me Umi, Azar, Ratna, Fiqah, Emel, Didie, Mizah, Mahirah, Zie, and anyone who know me(RAMAI ehe) also Amani, Atikah Cinta(this both is my new friends that i met from the tuition school. They're good.. love them :D and more! this is just the close one :D

I <3>


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