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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wow.. what a random weeks without update anything in my blog. I MISS MY BLOG deadly.. Ok i am not going anywhere or gone and yes i am busy with things. Come on this is life. I can't simply sit down and gazed at the computer doing nothing. Update FB, TWITTER and BLOG. Nothing can compare a busy life with searching something good in your real life. I must practise myself not to be a lazy kind of person with no future. Hell i am already 20 and i still stuck in the middle of nowhere. Ok lets forgot about that eh. Recently i watch lots of movies. And now movies are already once of my foods. Hehe..without movies i am suck. So just now in the afternoon at 2pm i was at the EMPIRE watched 'CLASH OF THE TITANS' with my dad. Yes my dad. Well, he kinda be a decent man to treat me and since he loves an action classic movie. So as a daughter i am ok with it. Spend time your life as you still exist in this world. So my rate for this movie, i gave 8/10...seriously this movie is damn good!! i recommend to all of you please watch this movie. This is so good. I loce it..especially the art and the creativity that they make and creat. Its so amazing. Flawless!!!! I still think about human and god..urr no offense.. just in the movie.. Its so bull! heh' what a movie..they like to confusing us!! So actions is better than a slow motion love story... GOOD JOBS!!

Other than this i also bought 6 new dvds.I bought 'WHIP IT' by Ellen Page and direct by Drew Berrymore. Fun to play the skate eh and ended up had a bruise everywhere and please never believe a man who think you are famous.Right!!! i don't know how to express those things..then i watched 'UP IN THE AIR' by George Coloney and Anna Kendrick( a girl as Jessica Weber in Twilight saga..)..Urr this movie just fired me!!! :P then i watched 'ADVENTURELAND' by Jesse Eisenberg and as usual Kristen Stewart(Bella Swan?) Fuck i hate when Kristen making up with Ryan Reynolds in the movie. Lol!!! shame and awkward. Don't make up if you feel strange with your partner. Heh! and i also have my own 'GLEE ALBUM VOL 1 AND 2' Awesome isnt it. I like Glee!!!! I also love the musical and singing things. Its like a passionate! and last but not least is my 'ANGUS, THONG AND the perfect SNOGGING'. Seriously i loveeeee it!!!! especially Sean Bourke as Tom.... Phewww perfect british teenager for me! haha..jokess.. this is a hilarious movie. I want you to watch it with me. Funny and love. Bla..bla..bla also most importantly is friendship!!!

(ANGUS, THONGS and the perfect SNOGGING)


He is sexy man alive! i got 1 sexy british boy! :)
So everything is already update!! I mean this is for all i got. I have tons of story to share like SHYNE WEST. I watched 'A WALK TO REMEMBER' shit i cry!! haha..such a baby, i know. This is good movie for all i know because it based from NICHOLAS SPARK's novel!! So i guess i have to wait another Nicholas Spark's novel that turn to a movie entitled 'THE LAST SONG' and act by MILEY CYRUS. Mmmmphh i can't wait!!! I watch ER also..i like all the doctor, pressure works in the hospital. I just like to watch not i want to do that kind of things. Haha :) What else? i guess thats it.. i want to update my twitter!! See you folks! ^^


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