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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Ok i will or not might be not update this blog until i finished my exam and test including books! Oh this is sucks but then this life is so not unfair. I am ok with the whole life that i been to. It always been me! I love my life because i have to love it as i love myself. I feel blessed and bliss! Yaa while i'm with writing this i'm sort of searching all the latest korean dramas, movies, dvds and ACTORS! Gosh..they're so mesmerizing and mouth-watering. Haha.. wrong describing. But i'm melt. Why am i so obsessing and forgetting the limit of love and like! I mean i love what i am doing. There's no boundaries not to hate what i am doing. I love what i love to do. So do not think i am a psychotic limited edition girl! Lol!

So my favourite korean ACTOR is:
Lee Sang Yoon Air City pics 1 Pictures, Images and Photos
~Lee Sang Yoon~
(I knew him from a drama entitled 'don't cry my love)

Ok the reason i will not update my blog is( well maybe, i'm not promise anything. Let's the mood decide. Haha) is or are...
money book Pictures, Images and Photos
These huge books make my eyes blinking all the time. Lol! And the money?? what was that?? no idea.. well i love both! I love $$.. So to earn money you have to study.. Right?? Wow am i that working hard to get to this point why should i busy myself? Haha.. Well its not exactly a book to read but i am just busy with my books, papers stuff(informal)to memorize. Hehe :D 'Life will never hard if we give the chance to push ourselves to make it easy' See!! see!! what i am trying to say it to you?? Get it? You don't have to make your life complicate with more step to achieve the high goals. You just relax and be a hardworking with more efforts :D Pray is also important. Do not be a lazy maniac person eh' :P

Then i'm busy because there's is no online because i say 'NO' to myself. Haha :D Seriously can you help me to get rid this and don't read my blog :D oh i know i'm bad with sense of humour! Haha.. Eh awuuuu F1 live at Cantaluya, SPAIN! Yes..
ferarri Pictures, Images and Photos

And of course I love FERARRI! and i will support my Ferarri forever racer: Fernando Alonso.. Awww.... He's married though so jangan kan perasaan! Hehe :D i don't care with that, what i truly care is the supporting obsessive Ferarri ever! RED and Heart! (Y)

That's it.. Oh i'm gonna cry because i will miss my blog..(well don't be sensitive. Lets the mood and the time decide whether i will update it or not.. I'm just preparing myself so that you will know where am i) Oh if you feel free to add me at my facebook.. GO ON! i love to accept you unless you are terrorists and African or whatever that will make me goosebumps! :S



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