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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm pissed! hahaha.. the soul is empty because why everyone seem to have partner but not me eh? Heh' so i don't know. Blame him! blame him! i'm seem so stupid to think about someone who used to love me but now we don't have any connection and shiiiet why he make my life complicated eh? You know i hate it right? and and you know what until that day ' i blocked and remove your e-mail' yaaai i'm so relieve till this soul said it calm and softing me. Stop messing around because i'm confuse by you wah! You would noT believe how my heart feel about you! ah ah ah... If you read this, you are the last and the first :D i'm so sorry! Lol! macam staie aku membuat ah! Yg aku ani pun satu ''YANG AKU LAYAN IA KENAPA? SHOCK!'' haha.. now it make those things embarrassed me more! Gah! Feel crazy not to be in love anymore. Its a burden and my brain is full with all that wasting- retarded crapononsence things! So lets grab the books and forward to your future!! Yaaai!! Book, read and exam! I can't wait even though this net make my life get more harder because i can't resist the temptation when it comes with this whole things. Heh' why my life can't even be someone else life although its sick to be in somebody else body. Then, i'll avoid it! So what i'm trying to say here: ''LET'S ENJOY'' Life is full with circle and triangle and US depending US ourself! Ok?

With the last shout! '' Girls and boys just the same. Why would you wasting your time thinking your EX? It's nothing to proud off. It's make yourself sick to rethink it AGAIN!'' right? ah ah..
Ok one more thing i dislike SIBLINGS! WHY? mind your own business. Talk to the hand lah! heh' I wish to make them disappear. For now i guess. (giling-giling kepala) i don't think they are concerned about me but they hate me. Daaaah!!! apa-apa entah eh!! If you guys read this. I'm so sorry to say ahh.. Jangan terasa. My sibling terlalu ramai. I'm not just talking about siblings. I'm talking with the one who had a relatives with me also. So yaa!!! Whatevaa!

So thats all,


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