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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ok while waiting all the songs load lets begin with the story of my JUNE! As you know my schedule is so narrowed and i got things and more things to do. Hell, its 4 to 5 months left. I still counting the time. I will never want to tell you whats i'm waiting or whatsoever. I just share that to you because i don't want to worry you. Ok June? Mmmmph my 1st of June is not that exciting or over-the-moon moments. Its all gloom and i dislike it. Haha. I know and i can forecast the future. I know my life will run into a disaster life especially my CHATBOX now it's all ruin with A BAD WORDS and reminding my privacy to a disaster. Haiya! Please guys don't disturb my chatbox eh :) Thank you!

Now i'm update my blog for June. I'm staying at my sister's crib at Rimba for 6 days. Its for relaxing mind addition to outing with a new adventure with my nephew and nieces. I got a plenty moments to shoot a loads of pictures with them. And i put it everything in my facebook. I link you my facebook album :)

I'll be back with my usual life on saturday morning and maybe i get no chance to update this blog since i got things to do. I have so much homework and yaa i am absolutely miss my blog and facebook, indeed. So please spam don't make me do it. I'm begging you! or else you get the bad life revenge. Haha.. Jokes. Well i'm ok with it but please ah do not disturb or write something that i didn't like. Its full of rounding bitch if you try to force me. Ok?

And wait for another new things, adventure to share :) It's a busy thing to do just to updating the blog. I love my blog so there's no word to describe. I write till i die. Thou shall not be apart.

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