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Thursday, June 17, 2010

...of tonight.

♥ I since love MAC Hello Kitty when my friend, Zee used it at my eyeliner. It's so cute to me. So i need to get these black and glitter eye liner as soon as possible. Damn, i obsessed with these :D

♥ My oh my. Set of brushes. Consist of all of i want such as:
@1: Large Body Powder Brush
@2: Medium Face Powder Brush
@3: Large Angled Contoured Face Brush
@4: Bronzer Face Brush
@5: Kabuki Brush
@6: Foundation Brush
@7: Duo Fibre Fan Face Brush
@8: Dual-sided Brow Brush & Lash Comb
@9: Lip Brush
@10: Pencil Brush
@11: Small Angled Brow Brush
@12: Small Angled Eye Liner Brush
@13: Precise Eye Liner Brush
@14: Sponge Tip Applicator
@15: Tapered Blending Brush
@16: Large Angled Shading Brush
@17: Medium Angled Shading Brush
@18: Concealer Brush
@19: Mascara/Lash Brush
@20: Mini Shader Crease Brush
@21: Small Shader Brush
@22: Large Square Shader Brush
@23: Medium Eye Shading Brush
@24: Large Shading Brush

and full set of AQUA EYES COLLECTORS(OMGAAAAD!). I love it so much!

And last but not least I WANT THIS! I WANT THIS! for my 20th birthday. Well, i'm not request exactly like this. Hehe. I just hoping to have A FULL SET OF MAKEUP. Through the foundation, eyeshadows and the brushes. I love it now since i know before it i dislike to makeup myself because it hard for me to wash, its produces a chemical which i don't trust it. Haha ^^' but now who's care? I believe it myself as i believe it these makeup are true products for my true-face :)

Ok before i go i just i want to share 'THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE' schedule. Well i need to watch this because 1. Twilight sagas are awesome 2. I am Team JACOB BLACK 3. Hanging out with friends, meeting some old friends, Coffee Bean & tea, Stalkers, makeup, laughing, dvd-ing, boys, SHOPPING is the most forever, important things ever. Hey, i used a simple English you still don't get it eh? :)
So see you all,

Hehe :)


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