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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

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Hi yellow readers. Miss me? I'm so sorry if i'm rarely checking my blog and update it. Maybe i lack of ideas and no time to write and shared. As you know i'm becoming the busiest girl in here since i am accepting by UPK teaching at S.R. Pantai Berakas, ADBD, Brunei 2 :) So the limit of my time to check or update are during holiday on Friday and Sunday(well, thats depends if i have the time, mood and stories) Ok, this month is already July. I still not ready yet to face the exam. Oh mamamia! I hope i can do it before it's too late. Better front than back with full of regret. Yups!!

Oh yaa.. i watched ECLIPSE with my girls best friends, Azar and Umi at QLAP on 2nd July, Friday? i guess so. Haha.. also with Azar's sister, Ayang and her friend. And Azar's boyfriend :) i treated them. I'm so in like with it. Ok lets comment about ECLIPSE. So how was is it? For me, it's all ok. It's awesome like the books, but boring because i can guess what it happened after it. It's so easy to think what happening. Over all i love and love it. Of course when i watch Jacob Black turn around, shirtless, wolves, his pity wolves eyes, the action, when he's mad, he also a best kisser ever. I like when he kiss Bella :) Lo..lo..love ^^' and just now i watch Breaking dawn trailer a fanmade. Well urm i'll wait the original one. That's how i want to know how Bella get pregnant and becoming a vampire. It'll be tempting to know. It'll be out next year, 2011. So wait ah! I still TEAM JACOB BLACK! i love Jacob forever.

While, i write my blog. I am listening to LADY GAGA- Alejandro. She's so unique that make my mind say she's crazy but hell that's her style. So we cannot judge want she like and unlike. I love all her songs. If you scrutiny her lyrics, you'll see her weakness. Malas ku kan simpan gambar lady gaga or her video. Kes espeed macam siput ku menunggu bah reloadnya. I don't want to burden myself :) Ok that's it. It's only a minutes but it'll taking longer if i updating my blog.
Thank you for reading and passing by my blog. I hope you'll love it and like it.
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