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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Likely it done, mmmph..rajin jua aku ani mem'posting sejak akhir-akhir ani ah banyak dah idea ani kan ditulis. Exploded already.But it'll never last forever plang tuh.. Haha.. well if you want to know i am rarely posting it through my blog if i have got stories to partake in with the readers. I am the quite one. I am mostly love to write it in my own personal forlornly diary that must have anywhere in my bag. Killing it seriously, if i had things in my mind, won't it be ok to jots down rather than to keep it in our mind, carried it without remember it? i don't know. I am writing behalf for the second time of my sahur, while waiting for subuh berkumandang. A beautiful azan should it be say. Hehe.. Sorry i kind of jobless to write any kinds of productive todays morning. My facebook is failed to open it. I less to know why and how? Sedihku. Now i know i can't live longer without facebook. I am so lonely without facebook, i am nobody and it's 'Empty' Ugh!! what a thing to waste. Wait it nearly subuh, i have to brush my teeth and take wudhu first. I'll be continue writing (:

....to be continued...

Ok i am back..

While taking my wudhu just now, finished everything and everything. Waiting for azan subuh, i am browsing my friend's friend tumblr. It's great to know that tumblr is nice reblogged and got a nice quotes, images and etc etc. Maybe i should put it in here to know what the hecks am i doing. Hahaha.. well, i do not care who you are. This is my blog. Importantly, i don't do any wrong to blame at. I don't write politics because politics is NOT my food..Blaaah. And i am not a backstabbers. You can stand on me to keep any secrets to let the lips are sealed. I only got a chance to complete what i am doing for an August stories. I'm afraid it going to be last since my exam is almost near to october and november. I still not prepare any piece of paper yet OR memorize it. Aduimaaa.. inda, apani. I'm widely busy(which is not exactly 'busy' macamtah ku kahwin sudah, kan busy, busy. Apani.. it's just that i distract mostly by facebook and phone. I love all my guys friends to hang out at the coffee cafe in facebook. Haha.what a nutcase to hanging out. Talk about guys.. I am IN LOVE WITH BOYS namely FU KA, JUMY AZIZUL, RAZII and ZAF! Well yg belakang, belakang tu inda plang rapat tu ahh. Hehe...but they always likes my status. I consider them as a friends that never left me behind, alone... Ohhhh so sweet! Guys you better read this. I put your name in here. Shouldn't be proud? Nobody will read this piece of rubbish that only read by myself. Hahaha.. My English turn to be the implicate wanna be. Shh! they'll be embarrassed by me. T.T sorry guys hehe (: smile bah!

Secret love to be happened when you loves someone but things goes the other around. I hate it.
When you are in Love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams."

We were given: Two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find.

I eat when i feel hungry, but i never forget to drink water because without water my body will be shrink like a cute couple on on how you value and respect someone without expecting things from them in return. It's about being unselfishly devoted and committed with that special person till the last beat of your HEART.

Some say being a 'single' without partner is not complicated. We can venture the world, fly independently without spreading the wings with your love one. It only when the time is come i'm afraid it'll be hard to share some love to him. I don't know what love is compare to what friend is. I only want a man that value his life and mine, taking a big responsibility and perfection in Islamic. So that i know and he knows what to do. I am afraid getting more 'fats' when i turn to be a mom someday. haha.. sucks confession! well being in that part is so much fun.
I love single man, no history and funny (:

Surprisingly, aku banyak bercerita hari ani. Yang nada-nada pun aku tulis jua. Haha.. Just so know if you don't understand what i'm writing just skip this, will you? I don't want a single sound of laugh to laughing at my blog. Ok? do i hear any? Inda wah, do you really read my blog? I don't think you enjoy reads this. I don't care. I LET IT BE. 'Siuk sendiri' So thats all of my cherry life moments during sahur until suboh. I gotta go to bait some fish. Opsss, fasting!

Your love to be love,


♥just smile
4:35 AM