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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Assalammualaikum, for Bruneian out there, happy fasting aight.
Harap-harap tah puasa tahun ani full for 1 month. Haha even though i will know that it would seldom to be happen to a girl like me. Faham-faham sajalah. I don't know what to say lagi ni. So masa puasa ani rajin-rajin tah beribadah, jangan kan buang masa saja. Lol! terasaku eee. Then, for guys out there yang smoking atu cuba-cubath fight the temptation. It will never lose if you try bah. It's not really good for your health and the future. Urmm yaaa rajin-rajin tah bersedekah. Kenapa masa hari-hari biasa kamu inda bersedekah? masa puasa tah kamu benar-benar kan bersedekah. Hahaha.. yang penting bersedekah secara ikhlas. Semasa puasa ani pahalanya berlipat ganda. It's also happen to be when you all solat Terawih. I really want to work with it Insya Allah :)
So that's all from me now. I am so sorry if terlebih cakap. Sajaa~ hehehehe.. trying to be positive at here...


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