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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don't surprise. My original Harry Potter's stuff. This is so valuable. I love all my Harry Potter's property. So enjoy reading and staring. Maybe jealous- ing? hahaha :D

i am so pleased. Why? i watched HARRY POTTER 7 PART 1 this morning. Hehe. I bring my daddy with me because i treat him. Awesome movie, awesome casts and everything are so extraordinary. I mean everyone are grown up! Firstly when i watch the movie i was so hyperventilate because Ron Weasly is so cute! then i can see that Hermione still the charming one. She's really good with spells and sort of things! I mean i need that kind of friend to adventure to kill Veldomort( I kinda NOT fear saying his or it name at here) I loathed Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange. She killed DOBBY! i mean it sort of different when i watch and read the book. I am too emosional that i can't control myself. So dumb! haha.. when we read it, well it's differently path of the stories are so details. But this movie are so straightforward. Now i do understand why and what! Marvellous movie :)

It kind of blur. I mean the ticket. Well it a Harry Potter's ticket that i watched today morning (:

My favourite parts in Harry Potter 7 is when Bill Weasly and Fleur married, the masquerade disguise of Harry. Haha. that is so hilarious. And the most hatred partss are when Voldemort and the death eater. Do you know Draco Malfoy is so coward. He's an evil coward. Haha. but i still love him because he is Tom Felton of course. Sorry! I felt pity when i watch George's eyes are lost ( not mentioning anything). Frankly i am saying that i cried a lot in this movie. You know what, that enough i think i gave 10 stars for this movie. And i can't wait to watch the next movie. Part 2! Yeahhhh~

That is all from me now.
I kinda rushing.
I need to go.
On my way to the beach.
Need a fresh air indeed!

Au revoir,


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