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Confession of Atykah Aura
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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Of crap! the times are over! I mean i got so much things to do for this month, next month and another month to come. To further my study, waiting my result and classes everywhere! The reason i write this post not because i getting bored with my life. I don't blame my hectic schedule. I enjoy doing it. I am thinking positive. Let just enjoy what you do now before you will regret things that not come to you. Am i right? The only busy life i had are only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. How about Friday and Sunday? Hmm.. thats the only times i can finish up all my works. and times to body soul. Relax my mind and doing things i mostly love. Just spent your life more wisely. hehe..

In the same time, don't tell me how i feel? because i am happy. Too happy that cause me a big troublesome! I think i just could not control myself. I am too curious to know your name. I knew you already know my name. Haha.. Then, i want to be friend this person but it's so and too impossible since there is so much spy around me. Then i cause too many problem again. Oh man, hopefully i will have your information from the sky. Haha.. this is only a small secret that maybe people do not understand what the hecks am i saying? -.-' blur~

You think that i fell in love? or admire someone? or curious to someone? that maybe 'HE' if 'HER' I think that is the weird confession. So am i confess so obvious? Oh this is so embarrassing. I just wonder any Bruneian i know who will read my post and this blog? and said 'This is a stupid blog, i don't understand any words you saying' Haha.. there's no word to describe things like this bah!

Then... i need to have a tranquil nice yoga after this. My mind is so everywhere. Since this computer makes me spinning around. So i need to stop instantly before i am disconnect! so see you all eveywhere and anywhere.

Pay attention for your thought

The one who is accurate in every thought, word and deed is the one who becomes praise-worthy. We do take care most of the times to see that our words and actions are not negative, but sometimes we are not as attentive with our thoughts. When there are waste thoughts we are not able to make even our words and actions right. Instead of making great efforts to change our actions and our words, we need to pay special attention to our thoughts. When our thoughts are right filled with good wishes for others as well as for the self, we find that they become accurate. And with this comes accuracy in our thoughts and actions too.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu

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