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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

(I had finish my lunch just now and straight ahead begging my dady to switch on the computer)
hi, it's me! the thing is in January i felt very busy and solemnly. Boring! My facebook is so weary with all sucking faces that i hatred to see. Kalau nak sangat kan, saya rasa saya nak buang facebook saya. Tapi bila fikir-fikir balik, saya kena jugak pertahankan facebook saya tu. Banyak muka-muka yg saya kurang senang lah! (Big sigh) I don't know what the use of Facebook anymore. It's seem like a rubbish already! smelly! Out-of-date! person of big dumb with posting more than 5 secs! ugh!

Hehe.. it's seem so obvious that i upset with this life and additionally i am not GRATEFUL all the things that i had before and after. Bawa mengucap. Hmmm.. i wait for a great of happiness things that happen to me example when i receive my result and hoping for an EXCELLENT result. People have a dream so it's ok if you want to keep your dream while it not fade away, yet.
Good luck!

Yes! True! learn it, live it and love it. For what i understand with this quotes is based from our experience, when we make a big mistake. Ok. People always make mistakes because we are not a perfect person and that just the way we are living. So when you make a wrong doing to your life, at least you LEARN from your mistake so that you are not going to do the second time damn life to yourself. Of course when you make me mistake you must LIVE it. Hidup lah ia dgn kesalahan yang pernah anda lakukan kerana hidup dalam kesalahan mengajar anda untuk menjadi seorang manusia yang lebih baik (: Then sure you will LOVE it, when you make mistake so at least the 2nd time you get the same chance, you will never want to do it again. Isn't it! I mean this is my own perspective lah. Manusia ada banyak perbezaan idea. I am not intellect with this kind of things. Not psychology at all. haha..

However, if you still did a second mistake and you not learn it, live it and love it. Urmm probably all those problems said'everything happens for a reason'. Pleased and accept it with an open hand. It's your destiny. Semua perkara yang terjadi ada alasan nya ok. Semua alasan itu berakhir dengan kebaikan. Insya ALLAH.

WHOA!! so why not love this world! Isikan hidup anda dengan kegembiraan tetapi kurangkan kealpaan. Syukur apa yang ada. Segala pemberiaan dinikmati dengan kesyukuran. If you don't get it what i said. Hmmm enjoys all the gratitude that giving by ALLAH. You seem get it now? Buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih (:


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