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Confession of Atykah Aura
Just don't give up.


Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

''Happiness starts with 1 word, 1 joke, 1 text, 1 phone call, 1 song, 1 hug, 1 kiss And stops with 1 mistake''

This is ridiculous. I am starting to fall in love with him in addition adoring him more than anything in this world. Oh crap he's already in a relationship! haha. This is a really embarrassing moment in my life. Ok, who cares! there's not only one human being called 'boy, male and man' in this circle world. --' just forget about it. However i want to tell you this from a letter A to Z. Ok first of all, i saw this guy at this building. He's not that good looking but only innocent. He seems kind and smart. So there was this moment when a very first time i was touching his hand. Hmmm( is this a real story?) oh no.. i just fake it! :'/ hehehe.. i touching his hand unporposely. Crazy! If he reads this i know i am in a big trouble. I wish he never find out my blog. Yes! then ok, after 2 days ago. I saw a same guy but in a different places not in the building anymore. I was at the car, waiting my dad to pick up something. Then, i saw a familiar face and true, i agree no more that was him!! was? that is him.. correct my tense please. My mind is elsewhere right now. Hehe...

Never Pictures, Images and Photos

So after i think about it for a million time i said 'Oh, he's already have a girlfriend. Align CenterThat's a release things happen in my life' why? because i feel glad he got someone he loves but not me. That's mean i'm not love/ admire/ adore him at all. If i still like him even saw him with other girls i will try and never give up by friendly with him. I think this is a very good plan. I don't care! haha.. so greatful!!

Greatest Irony of Love Pictures, Images and Photos

If there's a girl have a same story like mine. Just forget about him! ok. No worth at all. It's only a wasting time ever.
Terms and condition you should do when you like someone:

1. Check her status. Is he in a relationship, married, widow bla.. bla.. unless if he is a single. Ok let's go for it. Single but suffer from a disease or he is sick hmm this is the time to lose his phone number. Wicked but i willing to break up with him than let my life affliction. True right?

2. Smile to him. Smiling is the best part that have in any human being in this world. Just keep smiling when you see, across him. :D


3. TICK TOK! Wait until this guy you admire/like bla..bla approching you first. NOT YOU!

These only a least tips that had been happen to me, it work! hehe.. but not too rush or else you will regret! believe me! yes? no? so anyone feel free to challenge yourself single woman?? :)

t 04 Pictures, Images and Photos

Good luck!!

See you again,
L O V E!


♥just smile
1:57 PM