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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

...a good book has no ending.

Ok i took this images somewhere in Google. I am really sorry if i took this pictures without any permission from the owner. Yeah that mean it's not originality come from me. Actually i got my own but i'm reluctant to take the pictures seem this computer is slow like a turtle. I don't like it. Oh yes based on this pictures do not surprise. As a malay person, i love to read Malay books especially this kind of novel. I got all his works. It completed start with Ungu Karmila. I don't have Ranggau, ADAM and Mandatori at me. I borrowed and read Satu Janji and Rahsia Perindu from someone. It's a well done works by an author name Ramlee Awang Murshid I love it.

(This novel called Mikail. I still not read this book but already bought it. Same with Fantasi Rayyan. Both of these books i know will be the best books like the other works by him)

This time i read 'Hijab Sang Pecinta'. Seem i got a time to read so i spend my day by read all his books. If you interested to try read all his works why not. It is a good news. I mean his the only one who can write THRILLER kind of story and he delivered it well done. Believe me. Sometime it a heart beating!! Yeah it's true. It's like someone watching you. Haha.. scary huh! try read 'Rahsia Perindu' You'll believe me after that. Now, he is the most favourited one. Oh yes if you want to ready Bagaikan Puteri please buy the continuation of the books. The books are Cinta Sang Ratu, Hijab Sang Pecinta, Cinta Sufi and coming up in April during 'International Book Carnival' in Kuala Lumpur, name SUTERA BIDADARI Ok it's obvious that i'll not going to attend the carnival. It's in KL hello. I am here in Brunei. What are you thinking? so i can fly there and buy the book. Hmm i don't think so. I can't. haha.. i'll just wait when the times come. Maybe i'll buy his new novel at here or in MIRI. I need to finish all the series first.

There so much novel i bought but i still not read it yet. It's all true! I got almost 10 books in my shelves that processing still be out and read by me. Hmm i don't know when the time comes. Sometimes i finished read all the books when i get too loner by it. It already narrowed too.. It's all my favourite books and i don't know if i have the nerves to put in the stores. Oh noo! absolutely no!

(...dan CINTA pun tersenyum by Nora Ismail)

This novel is one my favourite. It's kind of a love-comedy novel between Indonesian and Malaysian characters. Try this. Haha. I still read this. Same goes with Hijab Sang Pecinta. I almost read 2, 3 books in one time. So i'm not wasting my times. Since i got the time during this dull holiday, so why not. I am not going to waste my time doing something unproductive. Read book is only the last solution. This author name Nora Ismail a.k.a Rose Harissa. If you ever tried read Wasilah Cinta Weera. This is her (: She's very creative and i am solute all the plot and the way she express all the stories. She likes the next Stephenie Meyer but the local one. Not that she can't write a love Vampire stories. Well why not if you try to request at her haha.
The originality is the always the best!

The next book is by Nicholas Sparks. Hey, i am not only fan with Malay books ok. I also fan an English novel. My favourite all his great books. I think everybody familiar with him? Yes or never mind. Most of his books turned into a movies. The new one if i am not mistaken was 'the last song' which is acted by Miley Cyrus. My favourite is 'A walk to remember' acted by Shane West and Mandy Moore. It's such a great movie, sad too. I watched 'The notebook' and 'Dear John' All of the movies are all awesome. I am not read the books yet. I'll try once. Maybe 'The last song'. It seem a long time that i am rarely read the English novel. Now my grammars are all sucks! I know!!

(My sister bought this book already. I saw this book on her table yesterday night. The English words are not bad. I will try read to this if i go to Miri or anywhere else in Brunei also it if it's ok to me)

I also bought novels by Sophie Kinsella too. It's not bad, you know. I love all the Shopholics series. It's hilarious! I read all the Shopholics except Mini Shopholics. I still not read 'Remember me' and 'twenties girls' There still in my shelves. Haha.. what a nerves.

(I don't know when the right time, that i am going to finish read both of this novels. Pray me 'kalau sempat saya akan baca' Don't wait when when you almost die. haha.. Practical jokes!)

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

Reading means borrowing

Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own.
~William Hazlitt

To choose a good book, look in an inquisitor’s prohibited list.

All the list of my favourite authors:
Ramlee Awang Murshid, Nora Ismail aka Rose Harissa, Lily Haslina Nasir, Stephenie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks, RL Stine, Sophie Kinsella and Amanda Quick

So, to those books lover, keep reading a book. Don't stop what you are doing. It's not only novel books that i allowed you to read. School books and history are important too. Try read a general knowledge books that can keep your mind open. No regret. I love to read those kind of books too and sure i don't pick any favourite because general books come in a common sense fact. Agree? Thank you for visiting me and keep support my blog. See you around. My holidays almost the end. Next week will be the re-open school. I have to go to work. Hehe.

Au revoir,


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♥just smile
10:16 AM

Monday, March 21, 2011

... it's a brand new day. Holiday. Still yes!!

What should i do?
Same old, same blog. I'm still not going out to do some randomly wasted teenagers time! I love being inside my home. At least i'm safe here. So my parents are not worried of me too much. Describe about indoors and outdoors activities. During this 10 days holiday i only want to rest all my soul and my diet(which is i don't know this yet :P) also i want to spent my time with my bed and books. I LOVE TO READ. So there's no boring word in my life. Since my parents are away for a couple of days i just want to be me right now. Then if my parents are back, i'll seldom update my blog. I got this maniac curfew. I can't update it whenever i want and i like. That's why i finished all my homework only in one day because it need to send it from email. Be a hardworking person is not easy. haha..

The last stories about Christian Bautista in Mac..
I also downloaded all Christian Bautista's song. All of his albums. To his Live! concert. completely and Romance Revisited. It's all awesome that i got all his songs. Everything of it. I am so bliss. Thank you to Christian Bautista for sang all the beautiful songs and same goes with the composers and the writers who wrote the songs. The lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful. You charm me the most. I spent my day by listened to all his songs. I think he glorious my day. However one thing that i am not so sure. He got this original twitter, but it's hard to request him to follow me back. Hmm.. that is the sad part. Haha.. never mind. I am afraid that Christian Bautista will ignoring me the best for being a psychopath person. Seeing you everywhere is IMPOSSIBLE. Haha.. Ok, i am just obsessed your melodious voice except the part that he got a good-looking face. That is his own superiority. Blessed with it. He's still young. Like what? 30?
he 'll turn 30 on 19th October.. we born in the same month, Ian. So we're Libra. We loves art! We can sing! We are beautiful! and we are spiritual! Yeah! but our dreams are different. My dream is i want to look at you someday by wearing an Islamic. We called as 'cara melayu' You'll be more smart by wearing it. Believe me. Since you know David Archuleta was ever wore cara Melayu clothes in Malaysia. So cute! That is my request if one day Christian Bautista reads my blog. Hoping it come true!! :D Ok so how many posts that i talk about Ian already. This is nuts. Everything of it. Haha.. but i am satisfied with everything. Hopefully one day he'll read this or Ian's fans in Philippines. Thank you very much. End of his story, will talk more in Twitter :D

I spent my day by wrote what i am thinking about him. The prove of what i seen. Even you are not close enough with me i glad that you still sang a beautiful songs except romancing with the girls in every your videos. Ok, joking!

Like the page..
Oh yes. Does anyone have a Facebook here? Can you likes this page it called *Nowlistening* i can't say who create the page. This page about what you listen right now. Example you hear Robin Thicke, Usher, etc you guys can simply put this symbol @nowlistening then the title of the song (: easy right? Just for fan. There is so much fan page already. Even in twitter. If you listen some music you simply doing like this #nowplaying then the title of the songs and the singer.
Ok just click the picture under of it to get to the page. Good luck! share what you listen (: (:

All right, love me NOT. I need to get shower and pray. See you another day. Same blog, indeed! Don't forget to comment it and smile (:


♥just smile
2:17 PM

Saturday, March 19, 2011

..my world seems so brand new.

Christian Bautista....

...Oh dear since i met Christian Bautista at youtube and listen all his songs i think i fell in love with him already! I don't know his voice attract me the most. Ian if you read this 'can you come to BRUNEI and make a mini concert at here? I will please to hear that. I always check his twitter to get more new information by him. Hehe. I glad to love all his songs. You're such a phenomenal Philippines singer that i like the most. That was your award. Please make a movie. Be an actor, too. A romantic- sad movie maybe? :D

Christian Bautista

.. seems so dull without my parents around! they'll be arrive maybe on Tuesday. So that mean i need to finish up all my Usuluddin works since it must be given by Email. If i still not doing it, my dad probably ask me too many questions. I can't stand with that and only given 2 hours internet. I sucks by the time limit. So let's get done before Tuesday. I'll maybe starting to write today night. Probably :PP

Till the end of time...
.. song is beatiful too.. try listen it somewhere. It still from Christian Bautista. The same singer. You know i was at Youtube watching more Christian Bautista's videos, especially the one with Bunga Citra Lestari; Tetap dihatiku. I love that song. All his songs!!!! hahaaha.. the singer stunning me especially his eyes and his smile.. anyway he is too good-looking for me because i'm not too good-looking like any model you know. Fan and envy you are enough (:

I got plenty of questions to answers...
  1. What’s your favorite kind of music? - RnB, Soul pop, Jazz, Tradisional and Classical.
  2. Who’s your favorite singer or band?- The first person who came out in my mind is Christian Bautista including Robin Thicke.
  3. What’s your favorite album?- Completely, The evolution of Robin Thicke, The temper traps and Queen.
  4. What’s your favorite song?-All Christian Bautista and Robin Thicke's songs!!
  5. Do you like to sing karaoke?- I love to sing but seldom karaoke (:
  6. Are you a good dancer?- I am a BAD dancer!
  7. Do you like musicals? (movies or theater)- Oh yes.. My favourite is the classical of Puteri Gunung Ledang.
  8. Has a song ever made you cry?- Always. Literally NOW!
  9. If your life was a song, what would the title be?- I want to date with you, Christian Bautista
  10. If you could be a particular singer or musician, who would you be?- Myself (:
There i am FINISH...

... happy 4,000 tweets today, for ME.. It's such a looooooooooong time to get 4,000 tweets for almost 1 years? Its depends if i am active with it or not. However, i'm glad. I retweets a lots then tweets 'what's happening?' hehehe.. urmm is ok if i share Christian Bautista's twitter at here. Just forget about it. Let's see, if you love this hot Asian guy name the above i will tell you. Nevertheless, it's hard to see some artists to follow us back. They got a life to do (:

So anyone got Twitter.. simply follow me and i follow you back. It's easy as it said.
[My Twitter]

I think i need to stop writing since this is already the end of my story. I will continue it tomorrow or the next day. Wait me.. If you feel bored by reading this nonsensical stories by Christian Bautista, don't read. However if you do, pasalamatan ka lahat. It mean: Thank you, everyone (:

See you again, again and again..
Smile (:


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♥just smile
4:00 PM

Thursday, March 17, 2011

''Tell me your name you're lovely, Please tell me your name, Just when I thought, This would be one of those boring games''- Christian Bautista, Tell me your name.

Ehem.. before i'm going to write and update something on here. I need a break because i watch this good-looking and charming singer from Filifino name 'Christian Bautista' in Youtube. Haha as usual..Wait a sec. I can't stop listening all his beautiful songs. I felt like i drifting into the sky right now. I'm intoxicated by him. It's kind of madness! do you really want to see his face? Let i spread around the world who is he.. Yes? No? Ok, i show you. Before that let i begun my story. I knew him somewhere which i don't have any idea where. It's a long time ago. The first song I listened is 'The way you look at me' I melt! He got a melodious voice. Believe me! ^^

Christian Baustista born in 1981. Blaa..blaa..blaa. this picture is him and this is his video that i favourited the most. ''Tell me your name''

This video is one of my favourite. Try listen to this song. I guarantee that you all will never regret listen to this song. Trust me..

Ok. Let get through with different story. Hello guys. I am sorry in a deep down through my whole heart that i rarely to update my blog. This is because in the week ago i was so busy with school and classes every Monday to Saturday. Even i got weekend free but i still want to rest my brain from any bustle traffic whatsoever. Hehe~

Emm.. perhaps until today i will be update some and more even though i don't have any idea what to share. Oh yes, i wonder if there's any familiar readers on here reading my mess English grammar even i comfortable writing in Malay. I afraid that most of you guys not understand what i am trying to say. My grammars sucks. I'm seldom read English books anymore. Since i take all Malay subjects this year that i forgot to read English novel. I still need my dictionary. As same as always. So i am really sorry if i messed it up which is already a mess. Haha..

Nothing to lose, yet. Thank you everyone. I will update some more. I will push myself! hehe.. since i got 10 days holiday. So why not. I'll be update this everyday if i can. Oh no... Jokes :PP


♥just smile
8:24 AM

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Real life seems to have no plots. Ivy Compton-Burnett

It March! March! March! how can i am not so excited! this is so exciting! Thanks for those who still loves my blog and leave some compliment in my Cbox.

Btw, right now i'm listening to Adam Lambert's song called 'Whatya Want From me' I love to play this song over and over again. I don't know. The lyrics are good! ' I don't even try but i think you can save my life' hehe... But of course i still don't get it about the video.

Ok forget about it. I don't know what to write. Again! haha. I mean i kind of idealess right now. I write because i want to update this blog by keep writing and write for all of you. I don't want to get left behind. Well of course there's some of extra-good blogs around this billion network that we had. However i glad you guys choose my blog.Seriously, you can critics if you hates me. I don't mind. Probably you hates the way i write. I am nor rude and merciless. It's just me.

I write like this. I write when i have the times to write not when i had stories to share even though some of it yes. Lol! what's the purpose of this blog but not share some story eh? Tell me, is there any people who i know loves and reads my blog? i kind of curious. Is any admire that i should know who loves my forsaking blog? He? hehe.. that's not possible isn't it? I know my English spelling are not that excellent but i'm trying my whole soul here. Hopefully you get what i mean.

Lastly you all should smile.. to me and anyone who near you right now. Actually it's unrelated post at all right? oh my i'm kind of lost right now. haha.. grrr.. but never mind then this is life. Life has must go on. So enjoy this inner world. If you're Islam people there 'Ingat 5 perkara sebelum 5 Perkara' iaitu sihat sebelum sakit, muda sebelum tua, kaya sebelum miskin, lapang sebelum sempit and lastly hidup sebelum MATI. Remember that yes?

So see everyone by this week.


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♥just smile
9:11 PM