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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

... it's a brand new day. Holiday. Still yes!!

What should i do?
Same old, same blog. I'm still not going out to do some randomly wasted teenagers time! I love being inside my home. At least i'm safe here. So my parents are not worried of me too much. Describe about indoors and outdoors activities. During this 10 days holiday i only want to rest all my soul and my diet(which is i don't know this yet :P) also i want to spent my time with my bed and books. I LOVE TO READ. So there's no boring word in my life. Since my parents are away for a couple of days i just want to be me right now. Then if my parents are back, i'll seldom update my blog. I got this maniac curfew. I can't update it whenever i want and i like. That's why i finished all my homework only in one day because it need to send it from email. Be a hardworking person is not easy. haha..

The last stories about Christian Bautista in Mac..
I also downloaded all Christian Bautista's song. All of his albums. To his Live! concert. completely and Romance Revisited. It's all awesome that i got all his songs. Everything of it. I am so bliss. Thank you to Christian Bautista for sang all the beautiful songs and same goes with the composers and the writers who wrote the songs. The lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful. You charm me the most. I spent my day by listened to all his songs. I think he glorious my day. However one thing that i am not so sure. He got this original twitter, but it's hard to request him to follow me back. Hmm.. that is the sad part. Haha.. never mind. I am afraid that Christian Bautista will ignoring me the best for being a psychopath person. Seeing you everywhere is IMPOSSIBLE. Haha.. Ok, i am just obsessed your melodious voice except the part that he got a good-looking face. That is his own superiority. Blessed with it. He's still young. Like what? 30?
he 'll turn 30 on 19th October.. we born in the same month, Ian. So we're Libra. We loves art! We can sing! We are beautiful! and we are spiritual! Yeah! but our dreams are different. My dream is i want to look at you someday by wearing an Islamic. We called as 'cara melayu' You'll be more smart by wearing it. Believe me. Since you know David Archuleta was ever wore cara Melayu clothes in Malaysia. So cute! That is my request if one day Christian Bautista reads my blog. Hoping it come true!! :D Ok so how many posts that i talk about Ian already. This is nuts. Everything of it. Haha.. but i am satisfied with everything. Hopefully one day he'll read this or Ian's fans in Philippines. Thank you very much. End of his story, will talk more in Twitter :D

I spent my day by wrote what i am thinking about him. The prove of what i seen. Even you are not close enough with me i glad that you still sang a beautiful songs except romancing with the girls in every your videos. Ok, joking!

Like the page..
Oh yes. Does anyone have a Facebook here? Can you likes this page it called *Nowlistening* i can't say who create the page. This page about what you listen right now. Example you hear Robin Thicke, Usher, etc you guys can simply put this symbol @nowlistening then the title of the song (: easy right? Just for fan. There is so much fan page already. Even in twitter. If you listen some music you simply doing like this #nowplaying then the title of the songs and the singer.
Ok just click the picture under of it to get to the page. Good luck! share what you listen (: (:

All right, love me NOT. I need to get shower and pray. See you another day. Same blog, indeed! Don't forget to comment it and smile (:


♥just smile
2:17 PM