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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

...a good book has no ending.

Ok i took this images somewhere in Google. I am really sorry if i took this pictures without any permission from the owner. Yeah that mean it's not originality come from me. Actually i got my own but i'm reluctant to take the pictures seem this computer is slow like a turtle. I don't like it. Oh yes based on this pictures do not surprise. As a malay person, i love to read Malay books especially this kind of novel. I got all his works. It completed start with Ungu Karmila. I don't have Ranggau, ADAM and Mandatori at me. I borrowed and read Satu Janji and Rahsia Perindu from someone. It's a well done works by an author name Ramlee Awang Murshid I love it.

(This novel called Mikail. I still not read this book but already bought it. Same with Fantasi Rayyan. Both of these books i know will be the best books like the other works by him)

This time i read 'Hijab Sang Pecinta'. Seem i got a time to read so i spend my day by read all his books. If you interested to try read all his works why not. It is a good news. I mean his the only one who can write THRILLER kind of story and he delivered it well done. Believe me. Sometime it a heart beating!! Yeah it's true. It's like someone watching you. Haha.. scary huh! try read 'Rahsia Perindu' You'll believe me after that. Now, he is the most favourited one. Oh yes if you want to ready Bagaikan Puteri please buy the continuation of the books. The books are Cinta Sang Ratu, Hijab Sang Pecinta, Cinta Sufi and coming up in April during 'International Book Carnival' in Kuala Lumpur, name SUTERA BIDADARI Ok it's obvious that i'll not going to attend the carnival. It's in KL hello. I am here in Brunei. What are you thinking? so i can fly there and buy the book. Hmm i don't think so. I can't. haha.. i'll just wait when the times come. Maybe i'll buy his new novel at here or in MIRI. I need to finish all the series first.

There so much novel i bought but i still not read it yet. It's all true! I got almost 10 books in my shelves that processing still be out and read by me. Hmm i don't know when the time comes. Sometimes i finished read all the books when i get too loner by it. It already narrowed too.. It's all my favourite books and i don't know if i have the nerves to put in the stores. Oh noo! absolutely no!

(...dan CINTA pun tersenyum by Nora Ismail)

This novel is one my favourite. It's kind of a love-comedy novel between Indonesian and Malaysian characters. Try this. Haha. I still read this. Same goes with Hijab Sang Pecinta. I almost read 2, 3 books in one time. So i'm not wasting my times. Since i got the time during this dull holiday, so why not. I am not going to waste my time doing something unproductive. Read book is only the last solution. This author name Nora Ismail a.k.a Rose Harissa. If you ever tried read Wasilah Cinta Weera. This is her (: She's very creative and i am solute all the plot and the way she express all the stories. She likes the next Stephenie Meyer but the local one. Not that she can't write a love Vampire stories. Well why not if you try to request at her haha.
The originality is the always the best!

The next book is by Nicholas Sparks. Hey, i am not only fan with Malay books ok. I also fan an English novel. My favourite all his great books. I think everybody familiar with him? Yes or never mind. Most of his books turned into a movies. The new one if i am not mistaken was 'the last song' which is acted by Miley Cyrus. My favourite is 'A walk to remember' acted by Shane West and Mandy Moore. It's such a great movie, sad too. I watched 'The notebook' and 'Dear John' All of the movies are all awesome. I am not read the books yet. I'll try once. Maybe 'The last song'. It seem a long time that i am rarely read the English novel. Now my grammars are all sucks! I know!!

(My sister bought this book already. I saw this book on her table yesterday night. The English words are not bad. I will try read to this if i go to Miri or anywhere else in Brunei also it if it's ok to me)

I also bought novels by Sophie Kinsella too. It's not bad, you know. I love all the Shopholics series. It's hilarious! I read all the Shopholics except Mini Shopholics. I still not read 'Remember me' and 'twenties girls' There still in my shelves. Haha.. what a nerves.

(I don't know when the right time, that i am going to finish read both of this novels. Pray me 'kalau sempat saya akan baca' Don't wait when when you almost die. haha.. Practical jokes!)

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

Reading means borrowing

Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own.
~William Hazlitt

To choose a good book, look in an inquisitor’s prohibited list.

All the list of my favourite authors:
Ramlee Awang Murshid, Nora Ismail aka Rose Harissa, Lily Haslina Nasir, Stephenie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks, RL Stine, Sophie Kinsella and Amanda Quick

So, to those books lover, keep reading a book. Don't stop what you are doing. It's not only novel books that i allowed you to read. School books and history are important too. Try read a general knowledge books that can keep your mind open. No regret. I love to read those kind of books too and sure i don't pick any favourite because general books come in a common sense fact. Agree? Thank you for visiting me and keep support my blog. See you around. My holidays almost the end. Next week will be the re-open school. I have to go to work. Hehe.

Au revoir,


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