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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

''Tell me your name you're lovely, Please tell me your name, Just when I thought, This would be one of those boring games''- Christian Bautista, Tell me your name.

Ehem.. before i'm going to write and update something on here. I need a break because i watch this good-looking and charming singer from Filifino name 'Christian Bautista' in Youtube. Haha as usual..Wait a sec. I can't stop listening all his beautiful songs. I felt like i drifting into the sky right now. I'm intoxicated by him. It's kind of madness! do you really want to see his face? Let i spread around the world who is he.. Yes? No? Ok, i show you. Before that let i begun my story. I knew him somewhere which i don't have any idea where. It's a long time ago. The first song I listened is 'The way you look at me' I melt! He got a melodious voice. Believe me! ^^

Christian Baustista born in 1981. Blaa..blaa..blaa. this picture is him and this is his video that i favourited the most. ''Tell me your name''

This video is one of my favourite. Try listen to this song. I guarantee that you all will never regret listen to this song. Trust me..

Ok. Let get through with different story. Hello guys. I am sorry in a deep down through my whole heart that i rarely to update my blog. This is because in the week ago i was so busy with school and classes every Monday to Saturday. Even i got weekend free but i still want to rest my brain from any bustle traffic whatsoever. Hehe~

Emm.. perhaps until today i will be update some and more even though i don't have any idea what to share. Oh yes, i wonder if there's any familiar readers on here reading my mess English grammar even i comfortable writing in Malay. I afraid that most of you guys not understand what i am trying to say. My grammars sucks. I'm seldom read English books anymore. Since i take all Malay subjects this year that i forgot to read English novel. I still need my dictionary. As same as always. So i am really sorry if i messed it up which is already a mess. Haha..

Nothing to lose, yet. Thank you everyone. I will update some more. I will push myself! hehe.. since i got 10 days holiday. So why not. I'll be update this everyday if i can. Oh no... Jokes :PP


♥just smile
8:24 AM