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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

... my own precious and prosperity country and i can't believe he went to Brunei without telling me.. ok, i am over zealous with this kind of thing. I only want to share how appreciate i am when he is finally went to Brunei and maybe happy that he could spending time in Brunei. I want to know. How is it felt when he's first step to Brunei? and the answer could be 'Its a peaceful country...' 

Jonalyn Viray and CB  for the first time in an evening birthday celebration of The Princess Sarah, wife of the Crown Prince HRH Al- Muhtadee Billah of Brunei which will be held at the Empire Hotel and Country Club tomorrow evening(which was the day, i am not so sure) and for more details i don't want to talk about it :DD
This source i got first from his twitter and yes i was surprise when he write ''see you Brunei'' First, my reaction was so like...ano!! seriously wah!! whatt!! when..? how..? since i can't do anything because i recently read it and it almost 4 days ago tweets. Then i searched it in google.. tadaaa i got from Pinoyexchange website. I really, really familiar with the background. Oh it was so exciting even though i am able to see him from the website. Pathetic!

Oh yes, why not you guys go to www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?p=55431073 and see more the pictures (: I just love to thanks to Google for make my day cheerful~

I still learn my Tagalog until now. I am able to catch up the basic phrases. Anong pangalan mo? What is your name? Ako si Atykah Aura! I am Atykah Aura. Selamat. Thank you. Walang anuman. You welcome. Hindi ko alam. I don't know and yes my favourite is Magandang araw! beautiful day (:

I think i only want to update about this. Pensyen sya kana that i am not update the biggest story ever. Boring isn't it.. hehe. so see you again (:


♥just smile
8:23 PM