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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

with two things right now...

1. Sam Milby- A guy from Philippines and i knew him at this TV Series you called 'Maging Sino kaman' in 2006 then i bought his movies in a present 'You are the one', 'my big love' and 'Babe, i love you' well all of them are freaking good movies. Especially when i stare at his sparkling smile that can make all the half of the women in this world die for him. Haha.. that's hush right? lol. I can't describe with anything about him right now. He's similar likes Christian Bautista but this guy got an extra pakage. He can sing, act, dance and yes he's a hot modeling Philippines-American. So charming. Ok that's enough i am not going to compliment him these much or else.... hahaha.. sometime i can get this maniac by fan him like this. Sorry, Sam Milby i kind of distract by your beautiful face. Almost perfect. I can't say you a 100% perfect. Yes? No?

Just look at him. My oh my. What am i doing? hahaha.. actually i envy the guitar. Can i have it?

2. I love to learn Tagalog na ma sakin right now. haha.. I know it's kind of a new thing to me. Hmm that's not a big problem for me. I am simply just learned it non stop with a great support. I plan to buy English-Philippines dictionary. Hek..hek..hek. Weirdo! there's nothing to shame about. Philippines is still our friend country. ASEAN right. So there is no boundary by not learn a new thing for a new life. SHOCK! i plan to speak Arabic, Tagalog, Korean and remain a secret. Hehe.. If yes i want to learn all language. However, i want those languages first. If i am able to cope everything then i will think the other language. Overall ako dapat malaman kung paano magsalita ng tagalog hehehe.. is that correct?

Ok let's we learn tagalog at http://tagaloglang.com/ If you have the same dream as me. Why not? this will help you. However, i plan to buy the dictionary. It is hard for me to excess the internet every time. Try this ok? :D Speak Tagalog like when you speak your own mother language.

Yes. yes. yes i want to show you something that i done 2 days ago. I was clean up all my stuff especially my Dvds. Hmm. i am not happy with it. I spend 1 million dollars only for a DVDs, CDs and VCDs. What is in my mind. I don't know. I kinda obsessed with it. Not surprised at all. haha.

These my Dvds Collections. kung ano ang maaari ko because ako nahuhumaling sa mga ito. Haha.. how can i resist this kind of obsession ek? actually if you now see this i got more at the bottom. Then another 2 boxes that full with my Dvds. I am not proud with this AT ALL. Maaaring ako magbenta ng lahat ng bagay? Please.. anyone want it? hahaha.. this is only a jokes.

“I think a person’s life is supposed to be like a DVD. You can see the version everyone else sees, or you can choose the director’s cut-the way he wanted you to see it, before everything else got in the way.”

Lastly is my dad new fishes. We called this 'Kaloi' some kind of a Japanese fish that you can see anywhere at Japan village. I don't have any idea. Then the fish which stick it mouth there is called 'Sampah' because it likes to eat fish poop. Haha.. it's true right? ok never mind.

And i forgot to say happy 'APRIL' it's officially April and i still busy with my life. Anyway thanks to those who loves my blog. I love you back. Love..love..love..

True it said! Well, sometime i kind of fear to learn something new especially when i have to do it alone. I still need my parents to suggest all my life have been. My parents control me because i can't control myself. To have a creative life the only thing is ask. That is me. So how about you? How are you going to creative your life? (:

That it!
paalam sa lahat..


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