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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here i am again.. Miss me, Not? I don't know what should i update in this blog.. again! i got plenty of stories but i don't know which one to start. Urmm.. ok whole weeks during May i don't do anything interesting yet. I still thinking about it. Then on 22nd May 2011 i was attend the race by HSBC. It's a great momento ever! i'll show you a bit of memorial of us....

The most favourited one when they're this great the best costumes.

Cycling buddy..

So how was it? it was amazing! Believe me.. i love it. I enjoyed the 8 KM race. I mean i can do the race! i able to finish it. I proud of it. Now, it's now only us can race about but YOU also can do it (:

Then after the race, i can't stop putting my feet sighing because i was so fatigue! I need a long rest especially my leg and knee. And its affect until now. Lol.. i can't even run faster.
So i think that was the only greatest thing that happened in my life including...

'I GOT A NEW PHONE' It gave by my parents but still i want to buy my own someday. So that they're unable to take my phone whenever they want too. A longing sigh! -.-' My dad bought me LG T300, Pink colour (: i show you.

Hehe.. how was it? it a touchscreen phone.. it light and PINK!! Even though sometime i get too difficult touching the screen and write to the keypad.. Hmm.. over all it's all great! and now i'll wait of my own new phone. Sony Ericsson X-Peria. Still in my wish list (:

I think that's all from me now. At last i would like to say...

Happy Royal Brunei Armed Forces 50th anniversary

Unti seeing you again! (:


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