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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Damn! First of all i would like to say congratulation of your successful in your music career. It more than grateful that you change everything especially the way you look. You surprised me! Second of being too girly but now over the top Hyun Joong! I never been so happy. I also love your new songs called ''Break down'' and ''Please'' and now already as my ring tones. Thirdly, if i fly to Korea to see you right now i don't know if i can speak Korean with you since you dislike the way when we pronoun it in English.Hehe.. So Hyun Joong if you still not realize us i am from Bruneian who would like to say KEEP IT UP! i like your style! :D

A story about me and Kim Hyun Joong...

Kim Hyun Joong Break Down MV

*I knew him NOT from a drama you called 'Boys over Flower' 
*I saw him in Playful Kiss as Baek Sung Jung. 
*I envy his old hair even though i love the way he looks right now!
*I am start fallen in love with him when i saw him in Music Bank at KBS and sing 'break down'
*I said... is that Kim Hyun Joong? Why is he that gorgeous? haha...
....And lastly make a new romantic drama again!!!

Anyong hy kye sa yo~


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