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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today is the last of us to say goodbye in the month of July and Syaaban. It's such a melancholy moments to live with it. It's so many memories to share.. haha.. macam the last year of 2011 saja.. sorry, sorry, i'm not going to say that. I don't know maybe i'm too anxious for the month of Ramadan, which we need to get ready mentally and physically indeed! never mind, this is not my first time. Just work it smoothly and relax. Nevertheless, good luck with everything. Kerjakan bulan puasa ini kerana ALLAH semata-mata. Hwaiting!!

Selamat menyambut Ramadan Al-Mubarak to all Muslim out there. Hopefully Allah akan terima puasa kita semua. Don't forget to control yourself and banyak-banyak beribadah ok. Ini lah masanya ^^<

Ok i don't know about ''Do not listen to music'' waaah... ok! so i think we cannot listen to music that content useless lyrics example... wait! is it include Korean music too? and i cannot watch any Kdrama too... T.T I'll try my best then! lol... Good luck to everyone( Muslim) ^^<

That all from me now!! (:
See you next month: August! 
Take care~


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