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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do you know i have been active with Korean nowadays.. and i can't even stop myself..So yes, since i got my own phone and i found a loads of Korean websites! my favourite always allkpop.. Do you know allkpop serve you a great latest news about Korean life and entertainment? it's such an awesome things.. and they makes my life easier!

So let's check this out...

Yes.. i am done! well, as you know i love to browse at allkpop everytime. I used Twitter a lots nowadays. So  it kind of comfy to tweets about them! Actually there's a lot of them but these one are the best. Try it! You'll never regret it.. It's such an honor to love Korean right now. I think Korean is better than other Philippines, English and Malay entertainment! Enjoy my Chingu! ^ ^b

If you want the websites just click the photos.. i serve it already for you.. and don't forget once you like it.. Like it, tweet it and share it (:

Ok one last thing!! i just found out U-KISS Brunei fan-site.. ok, ok!


First of all, I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS yet! i mean what! hahaha.. aku tah yang paling lambat tahu ni.. aisshh! so is the tickets still available? i don't care if i'm not a BIG fan of  them. But at least i can take photos with them and put it in my blog! also at least my dream come true right? to watch any Kpop from Korea come from all the way to Brunei! That awesome! SO IS THE TICKET STILL AVAILABLE?


but at least it said 'POSTPONE' haahaha.. so is it still available? i willing to pay for $$$ huhuhu.. at least DIAMOND OR GOLD!! seriously my DAD will kill me.. Inda apa.. i used my own money.. haha.. i will keep in touch with this website seriously! bah, if you can't decide anything i want all KOREAN group come to Brunei! huhu.. (macam senang saja bunyinya) So whom who may concern!  can you tell me that the tickets still available..PUH-LISSSSS... 


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