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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ola my lovely readers.. Miss me already? I miss you all (:

Disini gue mau share about..(wait i'll write in Malay, Indonesia and English) So if you don't understand a bit.. Don't care about it.. ok.. i want to share about my lovely Korean singer which i cannot stop listening to all his ballad songs. You know who is he? He is KHJ? no!! He is HWANHEE Mula-mula kenal dia i fell in love sama lagu-lagu dia yang seperti membuat aku terawang-awangan sebentar. Even though i don't understand the lyrics at all. Lagu dia dalam bahasa Korea jadinya it's hard to catch up. Tetapi itu ngak jadi masalah sebab i got my best friend, google to help me to find the translation. Ternyata ada deh..It's very sad! tentang break up gitu.. Additionally, it's also based on Hwanhee real life too.. So, bertambah sedihlah.. you guys kenal ke dengan Hwanhee? hehe.. he's a former group from FLY TO THE SKY Brian and Fany.. ahh yang Fany itu lah si Hwanhee.. so cute!! he got a very cute eyes.. kesemua singer dari Korea pasti punya mata yang menawan.. ^^ ok deh, stop telling a boring story.. show us the picture! all right ^^<

Hwanhee 20091229 Pictures, Images and Photos

So do you believe me now? Sweet like cherry pie.. ok stop! well i cannot stop loving him.. too good for me!!! :P Other than that i want to show you his latest video called 'Feel like dying' or 'Love pain' actually i am not recommend this video for those who break up with your namja cingu.. seriously it's sad, sad, sad..
Check this out..

and yes, enjoy this video..

Other than Hwanhee let me put my ahjussi picture here.. he is CHA SEUNG WON  Do you believe umur ahjussi ini udah 41 tahun? woo.. udah tua tapi masih keren banget.. still got 6 packs. Tingginya aduh kalah aja sama Kim Hyun Joong.. 188cm! wow! tapi sedih tu sebab dia udah nikah dan punya anak laki2 umurnya sama aja sama gue.. 21 years old! wow! dan anak perempuan 9 tahun.. huhu.. so check it out his picure.. mau pengsan aja.. well, aku pulang saja tu~ :P

Hehe... aku mahu senyum aja... if you don't believe me buy all his Kdrama. The most famous Kdrama by him is 'The greatest love' peranan dia as 'Dok ko Jin' ummp! mantap! suara dia juga bikin aku seruu!! :D

So that it from now..
Selepas ini aku mahu post another sad story juga.. so aku post 2 stories in 1 day then (: biasa mahu jimat masa..because i don't know when i can continue writing in my blog since i got a major, huge EXAM this year.. 53 days to goo! so aku mahu konsentrasi sama buku dulu... forgot about everything.. mudah2an aja aku bisa forgot my TWITTER.. gila tu.. i'm addicted with it T.T 


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