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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Forever is only the beginning...

Ok this is a story where i can't stop loving this movie and the books indeed! maybe this time i will never judge the movie if it's got a bit different from the book. However i don't mind. I love Kstew in this movie. She's trying harder and it'll be no epic fail at all. So after i watched 'Harry Potter part 1-2' i was thinking that 'this is going to be end, it's such a relieve! i'm not going to watch any movie unless if the movie is the most anticipating movie!' then now yes! 'breaking dawn part 1 will beat a million viewers worldwide! believe me!

That is why 'Vampire Diaries' can't beat any Twilight saga at all! especially Robert Pattinson. It not going to be lasting forever since the movie will be end in 2012! so vampire diaries still got the chance to win. I love both of them. It was a vampire! what do you expect! Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Twilight Saga. I love everything! so Robert Pattinson dating Kstew huh! who cares. They both are together since Kstew was 17? so now she's 21! who cares! huhu... that's Hollywood!

Team Jacob Black! i still love to say that! hehehe.. ahhh, i don't know what to say! ok take-off your short more! huhu.. ei, i also can't wait to watch Taylor Lautner in his new movie entitled 'Abduction' this is something new isn't it! i will watch that! And yes i can't wait to watch him in Breaking dawn! :D

This is the official Trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 1.. so how was it? theres so much comments about this.. but different people comes in different perspective. I'm ok! yg penting aku suka.. huhu..

My fovourite line: 
''You giving me no choice''- Edward Cullen  
''If you kill her, you kill me''- Jacob Black

Scrambled egg! is it? i read too much books that i forgot what was that.. whoot! such a bedazzled Edward Cullen. Hot!! should try watching his new movie 'bel ami' and 'water for elephant'

Ok that's a wrap. I think this is the last post that i'll be update for this mean time.. i'll be back Insya Allah in October with more amazing, greatest story ever! i need to focus something important. So enjoy with my Vampire, werewolves life!

wolf girl


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