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Friday, October 28, 2011

wow...Kim Hyun Joong yes? hehe.. i don't know why am i so excited to share this since i can't even forget about him at all. This is the started when i try to watch 'Boys over flowers' and it turn to be like this.. if i'm saying that i'm obsessed with him that a bit rushed. I knew there's more 1 millions fans of him will do the same thing as me.. urr! awkward! do you know i wish that one day i able to talk and take picture with him? or give him 'a guitar' for a gift! hehe.. i mean i don't know if that going to be real or not.. Kim Hyun Joong to me he's ok! it's hard to describe tthe real him because i'm not close with him, indeed. However in term of actor perspective i think he's a good man! he got an awkward expression and witty (:

Ji hoo...


someday i really want to draw his picture with this one posture! 

i feel like he can be a great werewolves as in Twilight Jacob Black :P

I love this picture! haha.. naughty!

here we go~

Most of these pictures i took it from his Facebook fanpage: Kim Hyun Joong.. you can took a look of him. Thank you fans.. and sorry if i grab this without any permission. So i'm stealing now hahaha.. oh yes before i go i want to you guys to see his new MV: LUCKY GUY for his 2nd mini album :D

Lovely sexy man.. he is totally a lucky guy!

This is his performance M! countdown comeback stage with the songs 'do you like that and Lucky guy'

Ok i think this is all from me now..
and welcome back!!! :D


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