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Friday, November 18, 2011

Annyeong chingu!!! ^ ^''

How are you guys doing? i'm still alive, yes! thank you very much.. hehe.. so do you want to know what am i doing this lately? yes, as you can see.. i watched too much Korean Dramas! ehehe.. i can't control myself. This is obsess! since i got my own portable Dvds. I can't stop myself! i watch it everyday! yang penting 'we must have the Dvds' If not buang masa je right? ok, lets see what Korean dramas that i already finished watch it! :)

This is Korean drama 'My girlfriend is a gumiho' since i already watch this today all i can say is '4.5 stars' Almost there.. it's a comedy, romance type of drama. I like it because of Shin Min ah, Lee Seung Gi and No Min Woo characters here.. you all should try watch this fairytale type of story. No regret! (:

My favourite Korean Actor and Actress! Jung Yong Hwa and Park Syin Hye! I been waiting for this Korean drama! it's all right to me.. i love musical type of drama. I love Yong Hwa so much so theres nothing to hate about it.. Over all this Korean drama 'Heartstrings' captured my heart! (:

I bet you know this one right? You saw Lee Min Ho in this drama.. so i know you can guess this 
very well! Yes, it a Korean Drama 'City Hunter' One of the only action Kdrama by Lee Min Ho sshi!~ what do you expect! he's good in this Kdrama. Daebaaaak! to me this Kdrama too much dramatic! haha..but then please watch! (:

Actually theres so many Korean Drama that still pending in my list.. I still haven't watch Myung Wol The Spy, Protect the Boss, The Musical, Ramyum Shop, Poseidon, so many eh! ada lihat sikit-sikit through Korean online.. but please streaming! i hate it!!.. so last-last beli lah jawapannya! -__-'' Oh yes next year there will be more exciting Korean Drama to watch... 
Wild Romance by Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young. 
Full House 2 by No Min Woo, Park Si yong. 
Dream High 2!! 

and last but not least Kim Hyun JOONG new Korean Drama also will be air next year around June!! yeaaaah!!~~~ cannot, cannot wait... 
at least in JUNE I MUST FLY TO SINGAPORE!!! ^ ^``

and more, more, more Korean Drama to come!! 
So thats all from me now..
see you all then..


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