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Name Atykah i'm just like a normal people who love to write. Just be nice.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Whatup Aliens! 

Don't you think times fly so fast? we're in December, 25th! 1 more week to go before 2012! Phew.. and i'm turn 22! damn..i feel old with that number.Hehe..'Age is just a number' so who cares! Since i'm really want to update my blog.. i just write my random post and photos in here.. i ain't write alot! People won't read this rubbish lah.. ^^'

I am here shared you all my favourite photos of Kim Hyun Joong that i took from Tumblr! Fuck Yeah! hahaha.. but i will not forget the credit by whom am i save it from! well, at least all these photos as a precious memorable for me :) Enjoy your self!

(singing)So do you like that? tell me do you like that?(singing)
credit: Gappunsiri~ Tumblr

A life of colorful origami..

Kim Hyun Joong all the way.. reach me! grab me! kill me! 
you're freaking-lious amazing! 

This is one of my favourite! 
Kim Hyun Joong designed this by himself! ouch so fucking talented lah..
it cost SG$500 so do you want to buy? XD

credit: FarahEkky~ Twitter
This photo took by Farah my bestiee at Takashimaya, Singapore!
Kim Hyun Joong is everywhere! in my heart! in my blog! in my Twitter! in my phone! ^^~

I like this quotes!
Enjoy being in peace ^^v

credit:just-mera501~ Tumblr
~Beautiful Hyun Joong~
i suka dia ketawa..mata macam Mashimaro. Hahaha

Who's the hell is this?
Duh, it's Kim Hyun Joong with his long hair..again! duh! ^^'
even this once, i laid my eyes over his yummy abs..ok dah jangan banyak puji..

Oppps it's the end already? is it too soon?
I will continue my writing and save some for new year 2012! 
wake me up when December ends..



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